Healthy School Lunches – Nov 2013

I haven’t done a school lunch post this school year, but that most certainly does not mean that I haven’t been packing school lunches. My girl typically buys her lunch once a week (she’s a huge fan of the school mashed potatoes and usually buys on the one day a week they are offered) and she brings her lunch from home the other 4 days. My boy brings his lunch to preschool 3 days a week.

This is the first year I’ve gotten my act together enough to pack the kid’s lunches the night before. IT’S LIFE CHANGING I’M TELLING YOU. The mornings go so much smoother when I’m only making breakfasts and not trying to chop veggies/make sandwiches/come up with 3-4 compartments worth of food. Adding on lunch prep during dinner preparations isn’t that much extra work and it’s so worth it the next morning.

Maybe by next year I’ll have my kids actually making their own lunches the night before and then, well, my head will probably explode from the awesomeness. Or maybe I can take up a new hobby with the free time – knitting maybe? Or maybe just catch up with the laundry.

Here are a few of the kid’s lunches lately:

school lunches 2

Cheese tortillas, cheese puffs, apples, celery + carrots

school lunches 1

PB& J, sunflower seeds, applesauce, plum + kiwi, carrots + cucumbers + red peppers

school lunches 3

Yogurt, string cheese, trail mix, cucumbers, carrots + grapes

school lunches 4

Triscuits + avocado, yogurt, plums, bell pepper + carrots


The Halloween Lunch: PB&J, string cheese, mandarin oranges, orange bell peppers + pomegranate seeds, purple grapes + carrots+ jicama -o-lantern. Carving a jicama proved challenging, hence the lopsided grin….

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3 thoughts on “Healthy School Lunches – Nov 2013

  1. BEAUTIFUL! As homeschoolers–gawd, for 12 years now!–i gladly bi-passed this “extra” duty, but we still go plenty of places that these inspirational lunches will come in handy! Always love your posts and sharing real life with us all!

  2. wow! It’s really great to know how are you managing healthy meals for your school kids..Your every ideas are really fantastic…I love your creative and healthy lunch ideas..I will try to make some for my kids…thanks for sharing such a wonderful real life article

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