Day in the Life (10.28.13)

6:30 hello Monday. Bible study (today’s lesson focused on patience, so it was rather applicable….) and hot tea.


7:00 hello kids. Feed the kids breakfast (toasted bagels with peanut butter, grapes and apples) and get the girl and husband out the door by 7:20. Fold laundry, straighten up the house a bit, get dressed, pack gym bag and get boy set for preschool. Grab a green juice (made the day before) and second hot tea to bring in the car.

20131029-080317.jpg      20131029-080332.jpg

8:30 hello world. Head out with the boy, destination: preschool. Drop him off and realize I forgot to put a package to mail and some halloween cups (that I need to get to another mom in his class) in the car. D’oh. Head back home to pick them up.

20131029-080403.jpg  20131029-080342.jpg

9:30 hello yoga mat. Power yoga at the gym, followed by shower and getting ready for the day.


11:15 hello late breakfast. Apple + pumpkin chocolate chip energy bar.


11:30 hello Whole Foods. Pick up a few things for the week, even though they didn’t have the ‘whole foods version’ of m&ms that I was hoping to find.


12:00 hello elementary school. Drop off a juice with the girl’s teacher and head to the copy room to make some copies for an upcoming class event. Got to snag a couple of hugs from my favorite 2nd grader.


12:40 hello preschool. Pick up the boy and spend an extra 20 minutes chatting on the playground with another mom as our boys played.

1:30 hello post office. Mail a package, after adding a little flair.

20131029-080453.jpg   20131029-080500.jpg

2:00 hello late lunch. Big ol’ salad eaten on the driveway while watching the boy work on his bike riding skills in between eating carrots.


3:15 hello school bus. The girl comes home and we spend another 45 minutes outside playing.

4:00 hello kitchen. Pack up some chocolate chip banana mini-muffins for the freezer, clean up the lunchboxes and wash the rest of the day’s dishes. All while being serenaded with Jingle Bell Rock as the girl practices her Christmas piano recital piece. A bit odd in throws of halloween planning.


4:30 hello computer. Hop on the world wide web to check email, pay some bills, check in with the world (ok, facebook and pinterest) and general time wasting. Wild Kratts entertained the kids on PBS.

5:00 hello tea. Cuppa tea while helping the girl start her Harry Potter pumpkin for the school ‘literary pumpkin patch.’ Started some rice in the rice cooker. Started this blog post.


6:00 hello dinner prep. Started chopping vegetables for dinner. Make the girl’s lunch for tomorrow. Is it odd to have tomorrows lunch finished before tonight’s dinner?


6:15 hello husband.  He got home a little early tonight, always a welcome treat. He did some stir-frying while I got the rest of dinner ready.



7:00 hello dinner.



7:30 hello mess. Head upstairs for the first time all day to get the kid’s bath ready and am greeted by this scene in the boy’s room.  The two of them have had some elaborate fairy/ninja/dinosaur/barbie furniture/magnatile game going on for 3 days now.  It usually involves someone singing a song from the Glee soundtrack.  It apparently involves using every toy in the room too.



8:00 hello Harry Potter (pumpkin).  The girl proudly shows off her finished pumpkin.


8:30 hello bedtime.  I lay down with my girl (the husband usually read to the boy) and end up falling asleep.  Oops.

10:00 hello to my bed.  Wake up and get ready for bed and go to sleep (for the 2nd time).


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4 thoughts on “Day in the Life (10.28.13)

    • I wouldn’t say busy, I would say full. Busy was backing in my working days when I rushed to drop the kids off at day care, rushed back to make a meeting and then had to head to the airport for yet another business trip.

      Did you see the part where I spent an hour and a half at the gym in the morning and then an hour and a half in the front yard in the afternoon? Any working parent would smack me in the face if I said that was ‘busy.’ :)

      I’m starting to ponder going back to work or school (or something) and I think ‘what exactly is it I do all day?’ Writing it all down is good for me – both for posteritys sake and just so I can justify (to myself) why I feel tired at the end of the day.

      • I’ve been experiencing a similar thing–another mom at school asked me what I do (just after telling me about her full time job, coaching middle school volleyball, 4 kids in after school activities and volunteering at the elementary school). I didn’t quite know what to say. I am busy everyday doing “things” but I’m not “busy” like her. I like how you said your days are full. I’ll take “full” over “busy” any ol’ day though. And when I collapse in bed at the end of every day I certainly feel just how full the day was!
        And that Harry Potter pumpkin? Completely and totally awesome!

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