Spring Break 2013

Scenes from our week.  

There was crafting at home (which rendered our table unusable for the week):


There was an unfortunate mug break.  My very favorite mug.  Whomp whomp. At least it met it’s demise in an exciting way:  some energetic dancing by the boy, so energetic that his arms just whipped around a little too fast and a little too close to my mug.  That’ll teach me to leave my tea in the path of my little juggernaut.


There was Chuck E Cheese, which was much more pleasant than I expected since we got there at 9:30.  It was nearly empty and, as a result, the noise level was quite tolerable.  They each got 40 tokens (I got 20 – this mama loves arcade games) and were given free range.  True to their personalties, the girl played games that earned her tickets and used her tokens up quickly.  The boy looked for games with good graphics and often just ‘played’ the demo without putting in a token.  And my girl almost took out an employee with an errant yet forceful skeeball.  I need to work on teaching them skee-ball techniques.  Life skill, right?



There was an art museum (the McNay) and they only got too close to the art 17 times.


Due to said proximity to priceless art, we spent the majority of the time in the family craft area, along with 1345 (approx) other kids.  All wielding scissors and glue with reckless abandon.  And some seriously territorial hover parents.  It was an interesting (and loud) people watching experience.




There was sleeping in.  The husband brought me tea in bed each morning.  Reason #746 that I got the better end of the deal in our marriage.  That and he knew I had a long day of kid entertaining ahead of me.  I also had at least one bed buddy each morning by 7.



There was a trip to the Magik Theatre to see Rapunzel. Very entertaining show – both kids loved the prince.



There was kid cage-fighting were backyard playdates. And backyard dinners.  The weather was seriously amazing.



There was a trip to the library.


There was a park playdate complete with a picnic lunch and tree climbing.  The kids actually spent all the play time tree climbing, ignoring the playground equipment.  Which I think is pretty awesome.  The girl and her friend even did some songwriting (a moving ballad about pets) in the tree.





There was a trip to see Oz.  Which involved both kids needing to go to the restroom in the middle of the movie.  Separately.  Even though we went just before the movie started.  Meaning I stepped on the same people’s toes 4 times.  IMG_7978

The were beer-garitas.  For the parents, lest you worry.  It was spring break after all…


It was a fun and tiring week.  I enjoyed the luxury of lazy days with the kids and very much appreciated having friends to spend time with during the week.

5 thoughts on “Spring Break 2013

  1. Love LOVE the shots of the boy and girl in the tree!!! They are getting so big.
    The beer-garita holds a certain appeal as well… ;)

  2. Looks like a fun week! Such great photos, too! I have a feeling our spring break (in 1.5 weeks) will look fairly similar as we are not going anywhere outside of day-trip distance. Did your kids like Oz? My boys want to see it but I wasn’t sure how age-appropriate it was. Thanks for sharing your week with us and I am glad you got to sleep in–that is what I am most looking forward to! :)

  3. What a fun week! Bummer about the mug, bu everything else sounds so relaxing. I used to love skeeball… I just got kind of excited to take L there someday!

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