Week of School Lunch Ideas – Day 1: Preschool Lunches

I’ve been stockpiling $0.99 boxes of markers, shopping with the kids for closed-toe shoes and trying to cram a summer’s worth of good-intentions-but-never-happened learning into our final days (aka – ‘you can have a snack after you tell me what 7+9 equals’).  Which can only mean one thing – school is about to start again.

I’m setting goals (that will probably be ‘adjusted’ after a few weeks).  Which basically means I’ve got to get more done each night:

  • we will lay out all outfits the night before
  • lunches will be at least 50% packed the night before
  • the kids will set their shoes and socks by the door, you guessed it, the night before

I’m cherishing the final days of summer, but also looking forward to the excitement of a new school year.  I’ve loved the freedom and flexibility of summer and appreciated it much more since we’ve started full-time school.  Yet, I do like the structure and routine of a Monday-Friday school year.

I thought I’d help get myself in the school-lunch-packing mindset by doing a week of school lunch posts.  I’ll feature some lunches that I packed for my kids last year, as well as some creative lunches I’ve seen around the web.  Feel free to send me any ideas or links (thelivelykitchen[AT]gmail{dot}com)!

A Week of School Lunch Ideas – Day 1: Preschool Lunches

These are lunches packed for my pre-school age son who is a creature of habit with food. He is quite loyal to his beloved tortilla + cheese roll-ups.  I pity the fool who dares to pack him PB&J.

cheese + tortilla, cucumbers, berries

broccoli + celery, chickpeas, cheese + tortillas, watermelon, water

cheese + tortillas, celery, chickpeas, grapes

broccoli, cheese + tortillas, celery+ peppers + raspberries

chickpeas + pasta, broccoli, apple, cheese + tortilla, water

Chips, cheese + tortilla, banana half, clementine, cucumbers + broccoli

strawberries + pineapple, broccoli + cucumbers, cheese puffs, cheese + tortilla

Coming Up Tomorrow: Grade School Vegetarian Lunches

15 thoughts on “Week of School Lunch Ideas – Day 1: Preschool Lunches

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  3. You are a woman after my heart (not in a creepy way!). I love that you still cut his grapes in half. I have run 1 to many grape choking calls at schools… “I thought he was old enough to not need them cut in half.” I guess people don’t think about how rambuncious their little ones are while eating?

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  6. Really great ideas for lunch for kids. Very helpful as my kid is going to start her first year in preschool this week. May I know where you purchased the lunch boxes from? I liked those.

  7. My daughter starts kindergarten soon. We’re vegetarian and
    she, too, loves her fruits and veggies! These are great

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