A Two For One What I Ate Wednesday

Life happened and I missed out on last week’s What I Ate Wednesday blog party over at Jenn’s Peas and Crayon’s Blog.

So, as penance, I took pictures of Monday and Tuesday’s eats of this week. This is our first full week of summer break and it’s been a great one so far. Except for the part where I wore a swimsuit to the pool on Monday (a suit that’s only a couple of years old) and it literally started coming apart. Apparently it’s done being a functioning swimsuit. Luckily my privates stayed, well, private, but somehow the body part of the tankini top lost all elastic and form and ended up hanging down past my swimsuit bottoms. I ended up knotting it like a valley girl (all I needed was one of those T-shirt clips I had back in 7th grade) before ultimately throwing it in the trash in the pool bathroom after changing back to regular clothes. Here’s hoping for no more swim wardrobe malfunctions for the rest of the summer.

On to the food….

Monday’s Eats:


Tea while blogging


steel cut oats + raisins + almond butter + buckwheat + chia seeds


shared some peanut butter filled pretzels and cheddar bunnies with my little guy while watching his sister’s swim lessons


An apple while watching the little guy’s swim lessons

A trio of lunches. We all got nuts, grapes, carrots, indian cucumbers and peaches.  I had a sprouted grain bread sandwich with hummus, feta cheese, cucumbers and spinach.  The kids had pb & j.


Took the kids to the pool (site of above mentioned swimsuit malfunction) and woefully underpacked snacks.  Thinking haven eaten lunch a mere 45 minutes before getting to the pool would suffice, I only packed drinks and some grapes and cucumbers.  Big mistake.  Big.  Huge.  (name that quote!) Next time will bring both a non-decaying swimsuit AND entire contents of pantry.  Duly noted.

The only picture I got was of our empty drinks, as was busy chatting with friends while making sure both kids stayed afloat.

Dinner was a bruschetta inspired pasta dish (recipe coming tomorrow!) and some fruit.

Tuesday’s Eats


I had some tea while watching my guy try to eat cereal with chopsticks.  I counted it as a fine motor skill development activity.


And ended up practicing my own motor skills to feed him cheerios with chopsticks.

I had a smoothie – spinach, protein powder, bananas, almond butter and cinnamon20120606-061519.jpg

I dirtied my entire counter to make some balls for snacking this week:


Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Cookie Dough Balls (from Oh She Glows)

Cocoa Cookie Dough Balls (from Let Them Eat Vegan)


During swim lessons I dug the only snack I could find out of my purse and I think it may have been about a year old.  Oh well.  It sufficed.  

While I made lunch the little guy turned his breakfast chopsticks into pillow cushion props.  If you find dried cheerios under my cushions, maybe you’ll know why.


We had another lunch trio.  Today I had the same sandwich as Monday, just bigger (sprouted grain, hummus, feta, spinach, cucumbers) and the kids had cheese tortillas.


Green Tea Lemonade

My neighbor recently got a new masticating style juicer and generously lets me borrow it every few days.  Tuesday  I walked down the street, kids in tow, with an enormous bag of produce and some empty jars.  I came home with this:




I drank some of the leftover juice while chatting with my neighbor.

Dinner was Quinoa Crunch Salad, celery and peaches.  


I poured this glass of wine and took it upstairs to enjoy while reading with my daughter, but ended up falling asleep with her (at 9 – summer is tiring!) before drinking any of it.  Ooops.

13 thoughts on “A Two For One What I Ate Wednesday

  1. Pretty Woman!!

    I want those plates. And those balls. And I want to see a photo of you in a knotted tankini, only you must wear the t-shirt clip with it. And yes, I rocked that look many a time in junior high. Proud of it, too.

    • The plates are from Goodwill. The ball recipes are great – next time I’m doubling the recipes.

      I tossed the decaying tankini shirt in the changing room trash can, so no picture. Trust me, it’s a good thing. :) Hopefully my other tankinis have better luck this summer….

    • I think kid’s snack foods lose their appeal after awhile. I remember when my daughter first started solids and snacks and I think I ate her snacks more than she did – it was the first time in years that I was buying snack crackers and little graham cracker bunnies. After awhile you get sick of them – probably because you spend so much time picking them out of the carpet, car and diaper bags. :)

  2. I love the trio plate photos! We were just at the pool this morning and I was thinking the same thing about underpacking snacks… thankfully, no swimsuit malfunction! :)

  3. Pretty Woman of course! I find myself using that line all the time. I like the new plates too! Where are they from? Next time could you include an after picture or do your kids really eat it all? A picture of your tied up tankini would have been great too! Love you!

    • I got the plates at a Goodwill store last week. I’m trying to transition the kids over to glass plates and thought I should start with some cheap ones, as I’m sure the casualty count will be high. Problem is, I really like those plates, so I may go back and get some more cheap glass plates so I can save the divided one.

      As for after pictures, I’ll try to remember. If memory serves (and that’s a big if), the girl ate everything but half her crust and the boy left crust and carrots.

      The tied up tankini was just embarrassing. No picture and I trashed the suit (literally), so there will never be. It’s a good thing.

  4. Love the trio of lunches, great idea! I’ll have to borrow it and make a quad of lunches for us this summer :) My two kiddos are in school until Friday, I have to admit I’m pretty excited for lazy mornings and pool days!

  5. As soon as I read the quote, I heard Julia Roberts voice. Good movie from the past! Awesome eats and wow on the juice. That’s a lot of juice. I really miss having a juicer. I will have to purchase one again once I get back to my regular eating habits.

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