Playing Hooky – a day with my girl

A couple of weeks ago I kept my girl home from school (and earned her the dreaded ‘unexecused’ absence) on a day that her brother was in preschool.  We spend the 6 hours having uninterrupted girl time and I loved just about every single minute.

Breakfast at Corner Bakery.  Nothing says Special Day like a cinnamon roll the size of your head.


I had the power thin and some cinnamon roll.  We had a leisurely meal and did every.single activity in the kid’s menu book. If our little buddy boy had been there, we’d of had to leave after about 10 minutes due to vigorous booth jumping.


Once we finished the mountain of cinnamon roll and no less than 9 games of tic tac toe, we headed to a paint your own pottery place.  Another site that isn’t little guy friendly (literally like a bull in a china shop) but is perfect for a focused, artistic little girl and her mama.



She chose a cat.  I went with a spoon rest.  Painting was quite therapeutic and peaceful – highly recommend!


We headed to the toy store to buy a little something to commemorate the day.  It’s fun to say ‘yes’ sometimes.


Meet Nacho and Tramp.


We couldn’t agree on a lunch spot, so we compromised.  See – she learned some life skills on her unexcused absence day.  She got Panda Express and we walked over to Freebirds World Burrito to get me a salad and both eat.  Nothing says special day like a burrito salad bigger than your head.


After lunch we picked up our little guy and had a normal afternoon.  I loved the time with my girl and plan to make this a tradition.  We need more gigantic cinnamon rolls and pottery in our lives.

A week later, we got to pick up our finished pieces.


My favorite part is the bottom of my spoon rest.  My girl painted it for me, even writing out my name with adorable diligence.