Oh The Things I Can Drink Wednesday

As I took pictures of my Tuesday foods for the weekly What I Ate Wednesday blog party hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons,

I noticed just how many different types of beverages I consumed in a day.  So, I present ‘The Various Beverages Drank by Michelle on a Tuesday:”

Beverage 1:


Green Jasmine Tea (while reviewing my numbers and pattern skills on Team Umizoomi).  Has anyone noticed that I drink out of the same cup every morning?  Am I the only one that has a favorite mug?  Please tell me I’m not alone….

Beverage 2:

20120522-233422.jpgVegetable Juice – blend of kale, celery, beets, parsley, apple, ginger and lemon – while taking the little guy to preschool.

Beverage 3 and Meal 1:


Drink Chia (won a case from a giveaway on Laura’s blog) Honeysuckle Pear with a banana and some almond butter/buckwheat/chia seeds.

Beverage 4 and Meal 2:

20120522-233453.jpgIced Tea and Field Greens topped with Creamy Citrus Ginger dressing and hemp seeds.  While playing outside with the kids. It was pajama day at my girl’s school, in case you are wondering why she is wearing a nightgown outside at 3 pm.  It was poor time management on my part, in case you were wondering why I didn’t eat lunch until 3 pm.

Beverage 5:

20120522-233505.jpgCarrot, Beet, Apple and Ginger Juice

Beverage 6:

20120522-233519.jpgKombucha (home brew with cranberry pomegranate juice)

Meal 3:

20120522-233526.jpgRandom dinner of sauteed veggies (summer squash, onions, carrots, celery and garlic) topped with sauteed chickpeas (marinated in tamari, garlic and olive oil) and feta cheese.

Beverage 7:

20120522-233533.jpgCold Pinot Grigio with some dear girlfriends at a local Wine Bar. I adore these ladies. We can seamlessly cover a myriad of topics without missing a beat and without sparing a laugh.

Seven different drinks in one day – should I be impressed or embarrassed? It was a pretty good day, so I’ll go with content. :) How many different drinks do you consume in a day?

14 thoughts on “Oh The Things I Can Drink Wednesday

  1. Lol, this post made me laugh. I drink a lot of water at night (followed by a zillion trips to the bathroom :p). That smoothie looks yummy!

  2. Your WIAW posts are always so creative. I used to have a favourite mug- it was shaped like a pufferfish, but then my little sister broke it….I was distraught.
    I go through many drinks in a day but they are mostly water and assortments of tea.
    When I’m back in the states I’m going to try brewing kombucha, any tips?

  3. No reason at all to be embarrassed. I wish I got that kind of variety in my beverages. I drink coffee all morning, then stevia-sweetened, fruit-infused water all afternoon (tea if it is cold outside), and I have my guilty pleasure diet soda at lunch. I’m boring like that.

  4. You are definitely not the only one that has a favorite mug :) My favorite one is from Target and it has pretty flowers and colors
    Oh and you should not be embarrassed, all hydrating you in a certain way haha

  5. i have lots of favorite mugs, and since there’s only 2 of us our dishwasher is only run once or twice a week at best so i tend to rotate through my mugs. as for daily drinks, it’s usually only coffee, water, and milk…pretty boring.

  6. That is definitely impressive! That reminds me it’s the season to start making iced tea. What do you think of the Drink Chia?

  7. All of your drinks look and sound so fabulous!! I drink alot water, green smoothies/juices during the day. I’m thirsty now :)) I’ll drink to that! Thanks for sharing!!

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