What I Ate on Mother’s Day

My main request for Mother’s Day was a day free of kitchen duties.  My wonderful husband made it happen.

These are all the foods that were made for me on Mother’s Day….

Breakfast Drinks

Green Jasmine Tea + Vegetable Juice*

*Technically I made the juice, but I made it the day before Mother’s Day.  It’s a beet/celery/carrot/ginger/lemon/kale combo.



Fruit plate in bed.  Happy sigh.

Went to church and got a couple of good photos:

Brunch – Lunch:


After church we went to my favorite restaurant (Green).  Like how my little guy has a mouth full of food in that picture?


I had the Avocado Eggs Benedict and it was ah-maz-ing.  How can a dish with fresh bread, avocados, runny eggs and a chipotle hollandaise sauce not be??

It came with some too-sweet and overcooked steel cut oats (that my little guy ended up eating)


and all the mamas got a chocolate covered strawberry.  Which was shared three ways, as both kids think that whatever is mine is theirs.  Which is fine with me.  Except when it comes to my hidden dark chocolate stash…


I came home and read the paper with some hot tea.  And by read the paper I mean read the Food section, the Target Ad and the coupons.



The kids and I shared some oranges.  We are all about communal eating.  :)

I went to an afternoon yoga class and when I got back, the husband and I split a coffee frappuccino (a sorta-splurge on the last day of frapaccino happy hour).


After some outside play, we headed to the ultra-fancy restaurant you may have heard of – Chipotle.  Okay, so it’s not fancy.  But it’s quick, has crave-able guacamole and chips and is quite vegetarian friendly.  It was a great weather night, so we ate outside.



Chipotle Vegetable Bowl – rice, black beans, cheese, pico, guacamole and lots of lettuce

The kids ate in between chasing a bug,


and wearing the food baskets on their head.  Which is one reason we don’t do fancy restaurants.  Being cheap is another.


I made them do one final photo and, no, I’m not quite sure why my boy is reaching into his shirt…


I’ve got a pretty fantastic family and am so thankful to be a mama to these munchkins.  I’m also mighty thankful for my wonderful mom – if I’m half the mom to my kids that she was to me, I’m doing good.

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15 thoughts on “What I Ate on Mother’s Day

  1. So many sweet pictures of you all! I was laughing about the strawberry split 3 ways– so that “your-food-is-my-food” assumption never wears off, huh?!

  2. I <3 Chipotle. It's so fresh and yummy. I hate the chips though! I get the bowl with black beans, roasted veggies, pico, extra cilantro and guac.

    We're going to be in San Antonio on Saturday. Can you reccomend a resteraunt for dinner that has something yummy and vegetarian for me and something meaty and man like (hah) for the hubs? We like Mexican, but anything works, really.

    • Hi Emily!
      Alamo Cafe (there are a couple of locations) has really good vegetable fajitas, as well as the normal Tex-Mex menu. We eat there about once a month. I also really like Aldacos up on Stone Oak (in North Central SA). They are a bit more upscale than Alamo Cafe and have a really good platter with grilled vegetables. Green Vegetarian is good, but, it’s vegetarian so no meat. Still, it’s San Antonio vegetarian, so it’s got some familiar items on the menu. Hmmm – if I think of any more I’ll send you an email.

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