What I Ate Wednesday – Fifty Shades of Brown and Green

For this week’s What I Ate Wednesday post (hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons),

I’m showing off with just how many different brown foods I can eat in one day. It wasn’t planned.

I started the day colorfully enough as I packed the kid’s lunches:

(Tuesday’s my little guy goes to preschool, so I do double lunch duty)(ps – duty is a hi-lar-ious word to the previously mentioned little guy)

The girl got: mangos+kiwi+ cucumber, carrots + celery + tomatoes, yogurt, granola + almonds (for the yogurt), cheese + tortilla

The boy got: cheese + tortilla, cucumbers + broccoli, mangos, pirate’s booty

I made some (green but looks brown) tea and drank it as I dropped off my little kindergartner.


I came home and had some green juice.

Juice: celery, carrots, ginger, lemon, apple, collard greens

 I’ve started making a double juice batch and saving half for the next day.  The juice may not be quite as healthy on day two, but my day off from cleaning the juicer is certainly good for my mental health.  I fill the bottle up to the very top to minimize air and hopefully minimize oxidation of the nutrients.  Really I just wanted to use the word ‘oxidation’ in a post.  It makes me feel smart.

I packed some brown snacks for the gym,

a loose version of double chocolate protein bites and water

made a very unattractive brown/green smoothie,

collard greens, carrot, blueberries, peaches, coconut milk, frozen banana and a half scoop of Vega Chocolate powder 

and took the boy to preschool.

My lunch kept the brown and green color theme.

Almond Roasted Cauliflower (from Let Them Eat Vegan) and Kale Salad topped with chickpeas and feta

As did my iced tea (brown! with a green straw!) on the way to pick up the kids from their schools.


I want to go back to preschool.  Why?  Because you get to do crafts like this:

tell me that doesn’t make you smile….  ‘He’ is our new centerpiece.

I had some brown pecans.

I baked some brown Chia Banana Muffins (also from Let Them Eat Vegan).

For dinner the husband and I had Chickpea Burgers, Popcorn Fries (from Eat Drink and Be Vegan) and veggies.

The kids had Create Your Own Adventure Dinner plates with whatever produce I could quickly pull out of the fridge.

They don’t like the chickpea burgers, but will eat plain chickpeas happily.  But only if you refer to them as yum-yums.  And, no, I’m not sure how they got that name.  And, no, we don’t make a habit of giving things cute names – I’m a stickler for proper language and identification.  And, yes, I’m a buzz kill like that.  What do you expect from someone who likes to work the word ‘oxidation’ into a blog post??

For my after dinner, ‘the kids are asleep and the whole worldwide web is at my fingertips’ snack, I had some (brown) Licorice Mint Tea and some new-to-me Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Caramels.  They are dangerously good.

Oxidation, oxidation, oxidation.

that felt good….

22 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday – Fifty Shades of Brown and Green

  1. Meghan is the same way with chickpeas. Will eat them plain but will not eat a chickpea burger or chickpeas as a part of a soup, etc. And holy moly woman, that “smoothie” is one of the ugliest I’ve seen. I hope it tasted better than it looked! :-)

    So I have to ask…is that title related to a book you are reading?? ;-)

    • Hee hee. I’m not reading the book (yet), but am intrigued. I saw it at Costco this week but felt odd about putting it in my cart, knowing I’d pass someone (or 10 someones) from church or preschool on the way out. :) Have you read it?

      The smoothie did look like a bad diaper but was actually quite good. I just couldn’t look at it while drinking.

      • It may or may not be on my night stand right now. :-0 Actually I don’t see what all the fuss is about. It was just a reminder for me as to why I don’t like romance novels. Bad, bad writing with little or no plot. But I had to see what everyone was talking about.

  2. Ha! I love your green and brown theme. :) Those are such colorful kid lunches, and dinners. Nice job, mama! Mmm, I love roasted cauliflower. Might have to pick some up today when I’m at the store. And salted caramel with dark chocolate? YUM!

  3. Ha, Matt makes fun of me because so many of my favorite foods and flavors are brown/tan/cream-colored: nuts, nut butters, peanut butter, coconut, vanilla, white chocolate, caramel, butterscotch… ;)

    Cauli, kale, and chickpeas all in one meal = mega-yum.

    • I’m debating saving for a new juicer. I really don’t like my Breville and think I’d much appreciate an auger style. I have to run the pulp through about 5 times before it starts to feel dry. What kind of juicer do you use?

      In Crazy Sexy Diet she says that saving them does cause a bit of the enzyme activity to go down, but it’s better than not juicing. I try to fill the bottle to the very tip top so no air can get in.

  4. I love reading your blog! :) I always wonder though, how do you keep up energy with low carbs? Or do those little carb options pack a larger punch & just don’t look like it to me? haha
    Also- totally curious about your daughter’s lunch box- I’ve seen the ones with compartments like that but I like that option of individual ones to take out and wash (seems like it would be easier to clean?) :)

    • I don’t think it’s too low carb. The smoothie had a banana, peaches and blueberries which have carbs. I tend to save my bread/pasta eating for late in the day, as they make me feel a little sluggish and I don’t like feeling that way with an afternoon full of kid shenanigans.

      She uses a Laptop Lunch Bento Box. It was a little pricey (I think about $30), but it’s held up really well this year. If you follow them on facebook they offer some really good deals from time to time. I bought a second one for 50% off back in December. I like being able to wash each compartment, but there is the fear that not all compartments will come home each day. I don’t worry too much with her because she’s pretty diligent, but notice my little guy gets the cheap gladware container. If he’s this way in kindergarten, I’m not sending him with a $30 lunchbox system as I have no doubt he’ll ‘forget’ it the first day.

  5. Great day of eating. I must ask where you got those sectioned dinner plates for the kids? I have a three divide one from corningware for my guys, but those look awesome!

    • I got them at a Goodwill store. I wish I had picked up all four that were there that day, as we use them often. They don’t have a label on back, so I’m not sure the maker. Sorry! If I figure it out, I”ll let you know.

  6. I have several people insisting that I read “That Book” too, but haven’t yet. :) I made some chocolate balls very similar to yours last night. My kids are hooked on them (even though they call them poop balls), so they have been a staple around here lately. I love the centerpiece!

    • Poop Balls shouldn’t make me giggle, but it does. I blame it on too many days with my little guy. Potty talk is what passes for humor these days.

      I think I’ll end up reading the book at some point. Combine that with the Maca I’m taking since you recommended it and it will be a miracle if I’m not a mom of three in about a year. :)

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