Photo Friday – Not A First I Was Anticipating

I can cross ‘first serious playground injury’ off the baby book.

We went to a rather innocent looking park this week and, as I was looking down at my book, I heard The Cry. The one that any mom knows – the one that means ‘I am honestly really hurt.’ I run over to see my little guy sitting at the base of a small (maybe 3 foot) climbing wall holding his head. I initially calmed down, as I didn’t see any broken bones or blood. I picked him up and put my hand on the back of his head to help him calm down. As I pulled away my hand I saw the blood. The blood covering my hand, blood coming from the back of his head. He saw my bloody hand and his cries became even more frantic and he started thrashing around, causing more blood to drip down the back of his head.

I had nothing with me except my phone, keys and book, so I took of his shirt to try to stop the blood. He was still frantic and didn’t want me touching his head. It was awful.

He finally calmed down a bit and we walked to the car, as I wanted to get him away from the playground. An angel mom came over with a clean dish towel she keeps in her car for emergencies (why, oh why hadn’t I thought of that?) and gave me some ice from her water cup. Another mom came over, announced she was a nurse and tried her best to check out his head. Unfortunately, upon hearing the word ‘nurse,’ my little guy immediately conjured up his doctor visit from 2 weeks ago where the nurse gave him 4 shots. Ugh.

He started screaming ‘no, not a nurse, don’t give me any shots.’ Despite her best efforts, he wouldn’t let her near his head. She recommended we get to urgent care, so off we went. I almost ran off the road trying to watch him in the backseat and check that he wasn’t falling asleep, fearing a concussion.

Urgent Care got us in quickly and I got to further raise both of our blood pressures as I restrained him with all my might (that kid is strong!) as the nurse cleaned the wound and then the doctor stapled the wound together. It was awful.

After getting to choose his bandage color (red – his favorite) and picking a toy from the treasure box, he was fine and even a bit proud of his ‘ouch.’ I was queasy from the whole experience.


He’s healed nicely and proudly shows anyone he can find his staples in his head, recounting the story and telling of all the ‘bwood.’


I put a clean towel and bottle of water in my trunk that night. While drinking a glass of wine.

Motherhood is never dull.

That night I happened to glance at the lid of the tea I was drinking at the park.  I almost spit up my wine while laughing:


True that.

17 thoughts on “Photo Friday – Not A First I Was Anticipating

  1. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I got queasy just reading your post. I’m so glad your little guy is okay. It’s just the worst when your kids get hurt. We haven’t had many serious injuries here, but all injuries have happened when both the husband and I were around, so neither one of us has had to deal with an injury on our own. I’m very thankful for that. Good job getting through it!

    • In the scheme of things, it wasn’t that bad. I’m dreading the first broken bone…..

      I did almost pass out in the doctors office, but it wasn’t until the stapling was over and he was going over the wound care. As soon as he walked out, I passed over the iPhone and slinked to the floor with my head between my knees. Not one of my finer moments. :)

      I’m actually surprised we’ve made it this far – they’ve come so close many times before, you know, missing the coffee table by an inch or less multiple times.

  2. Poor thing, he looks pretty good in that red bandage though!
    You can tell him that I had staples in my head too! :) I always get a little nervous when I take my cousin to the park, but it is just the type of fear you probably have to get over once you have kids! So glad he is ok.

  3. Oh my gosh, that’s scary!!!! Poor thing! He’s adorable those, bandaged and all!!! And that’s a prophetic tea lid! haha

    I’m glad everything is ok now! That’s a story you’ll never forget!

  4. Glad you could check that one off your list, Michelle — and glad I wasn’t there to witness it! My husband DID pass out when our youngest got his first stiches. The doctor came out to the waiting area (they had told us only one of us could be with our son in ER, ridiculous!) and said, “Your son is in bed #1; your husband is in bed #2”! Our son said, “Mommy, why did daddy go to sleep?” Oh my. My heart goes out to you and your precious little one! Glad you included the photo of him looking more “ninja” than “injad”

  5. Oh Michelle, that sounds terrible! I’m so sorry for you and him! I am certain I would have passed out. In high school I passed out when my dog was getting stitches! Fortunately I haven’t had one of these types of incidences yet, but I’m sure my time will come. I’ll be sure to double check our first aid kit in the van and add a towel!

  6. Oh gosh, how scary! I am terrible with blood… and not looking forward to our first accident. Crossing my fingers that there won’t be one, but I know that’s not likely. Glad to hear he’s okay!

  7. I’m so glad he is okay! And I’m glad you are too. That is something every mom fears, but almost all experience at one time or another. Cameron lasted until he was five when he banged his head on a door jam, just before bed on a school night. After several hours at the ER and several staples later, (but no ninja bandage, darn it!) he was doing much better than his momma. There should be some sort of treatment given to moms whenever kids are treated. Your glass of wine idea was a good one. I hope your weekend is much less traumatic.

    • I don’t know how I’ll handle the first broken bone. Some super-human intense mom focus came over me when I saw the blood. Hopefully the same thing would happen in another emergency. Granted, I almost passed out in the OR after it was all said in done – I had to pass him over to his dad (who arrived just post-stapling) and slink down onto the floor and put my head between my knees.

      I’m kinda surprised we’ve made it 6.5 years into kid-rearing and this is our first bloody head injury that needed treatment. We’ve come so.close so many times. Really, it’s a miracle we survive childhood. :)

  8. oh my gosh – so so so scary! i’m glad that he’s ok and that you seem to be recovering from the scare too. i’m sure that took a couple years off your life. geez!

    • Thanks Maryea! It could have been so much worse, so I’m glad I got ‘initatied’ into the head trauma ordeal with a relatively minor injury and that we were in easy driving distance of the Urgent Care clinic that we like.

      We have to go back to get the staples out on Monday and I’ve promised him ice cream afterwards. I think we’ll both need it – he isn’t too fond of being restrained and I’m not too fond of restraining my sobbing child. Ugh.

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