What I Ate, but mostly drank, Wednesday

Wednesday means it’s time again for the What I Ate Wednesday blog party hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.

I took pictures of my food on Tuesday and it turned out to be a more beverage heavy day than I planned.  I woke up feeling a little queasy and didn’t have much of an appetite for the whole day.  I regularly have bottomless pit hungry days, so I don’t worry too much when non-hungry days come along.Morning Tea:


grainy photo taken by my girl before we headed to kindergarten.

 Side note: I always put on a shirt or hoodie over my sleeping cami just in case we hit unexpected traffic and I have to walk her into school due to tardiness.  I’m pretty sure the one day I drive her in just my pjs will be the day I’ll have to make the mom walk of shame into the school, so I keep wearing presentable clothing to drop off.  Not attractive clothing, mind you, but presentable.

For breakfast I had some fresh juice and tackled Mt. Saint Laundry.


Juice: beets, celery, lemon, apple, carrots, kale

And, yes, that is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt on top of the pile.  It’s my little guy’s very favorite pj shirt.  It makes me sing the ‘heroes in the half shell, turtle power’ refrain every time I see him in it.  Did anyone else see the original live-action TMNT movie in the theater like me?

By lunchtime I still wasn’t too hungry, so I made a smoothie.  I took a picture in front of the now empty laundry spot, just to prove that I did indeed conquer Mt. Saint Laundry for today.


Smoothie – Whole bunch of kale leaves (I save the stalks for juicing), 1 tsp maca powder, 1 scoop of Vega Vanilla Chai powder, 1 frozen banana and half an apple.

After picking up the munchkins from their respective schools, I came home and had a glass of ginger kombucha (home brew).


If you let your daughter play with your phone, you just might find a picture of yourself drinking your kombucha:


Early in the evening the kids and I went to the gym.  They like to go to the Kids in the Kitchen activity on Tuesday early evening, so I put on my gym gear even though I wasn’t feeling it.  I ended up having a pretty good workout and am really glad I went.


1 packet Crystal Light Pure Lemonade – I pour half into my water bottle.  I ended up drinking two water bottles worth of water (hello sweat) so I used the whole thing.

By dinner time I was feeling a bit more normal and thought I should have some actual food that requires chewing.


We had sauteed veggies (onion, garlic, squash, zucchini and carrots) + black beans + avocado over brown rice.  I added a dash of salsa.

It was really good.  I’m thoroughly enjoying cooking veggies in the big cast iron skillet I got for Christmas; it gives the vegetables a nice char and smoky, caramelized flavor.  The kids ate rice and beans and some raw veggies on the side.

I went outside to water the plants after dinner and enjoyed a nice glass of red wine.


A fitting final beverage of the day.

17 thoughts on “What I Ate, but mostly drank, Wednesday

  1. I’m fascinated by your ginger kombucha… how do you make a home brew? I love our cast iron, too. We use them daily!

    • I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my juicer. It’s an old Breville and it requires me to run the pulp through a few times to get a good yield. It’s a really messy process, but I do love the juice and how I feel after I drink it.

  2. You did awesome conquering my nemesis, Mt. St. Laundry, especially while not feeling well. That is quite the accomplishment! Your juice makes me want to get over my resistance to making some because I don’t want to clean the darn thing. I really should just do it.

    • I hate cleaning the juicer almost as much as I hate conquering Mt. St. Laundry. This week I’ve tried making a big juice and saving half for the next day. I’m sure it loses some of it’s nutrients, but it saves a bit of my sanity which is a win.

  3. Glad you felt better throughout the day and made it to the gym. The prettiest drink is the ginger kombucha but my favorite is the last one. ;-)
    I have a Mt. St. Laundry waiting for me, and what am I doing? Reading about other people actually doing their Mt. St. Laundry. :-) Guess I will go tackle mine now.

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