River Weekend

On Friday we loaded half our house into the car,


and drove from San Antonio to the Frio River in Concan, TX.


We even got to drive over the river,


which delighted the kids (and me).

At dusk fireflies showed up and very graciously let the kids catch them.


It was kinda magical.

The kids were sent to procure wood for the fire

and no one got hurt.  Also kinda magical.

We ended the night with some smores and campfire conversation.

(the kids had only smores, the parents had wine + smores)

Saturday we woke to a perfect weather day.


The girl caught a grasshopper,


some butterflies,


a tadpole,


and a fish (really her dad caught it, and we released him back to the river).

There was nature exploring,

and fishing.

There was (cold, cold) swimming,


there was climbing.

The little guy bonded with some friend’s sweet pup.


We had more smores. And more wine.


We laughed.  A lot.


Sunday morning came too soon and after some final nature exploring, we headed back to real life.

It was a wonderful weekend and I’m still smiling in my heart about it today. And doing 17 loads of laundry (while picking rocks out of pockets). And putting away the half the house that was packed up.

Totally worth it.

7 thoughts on “River Weekend

  1. What a beautiful trip! The kids (and you) will remember this for years, and the stories will even improve with time. Thanks for the pictures so we could enjoy it with you!

  2. I could SO use a weekend like this right now! Thank you for sharing it and making me smile. Is it weird that “catching fireflies” is on my bucket list? I’ve never seen one in person and just the idea of them is so magical to me. Some day…

    • I’ve only caught them 3 or 4 times. They are magical, especially when they first start to light up and you see them all around. At first you think your eyes are playing tricks and then you realize it IS fireflies. Hearing the kid’s happy screams was happy chill bump inducing. :)

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