Photo Friday – good reads

Books my kids are loving:

Chalk by Bill Thomson – amazing, amazing hand drawn illustrations. There are no words in the book, just a very clever story in pictures.


The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man (with Moskowitz the Awesome Dog) by Michael Chabon. Love this story! I’ve read it at least 18 times to my boy. And I think if we get a dog, we’ll seriously consider naming it Moskowitz.20120413-081114.jpg

Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along book and CD – I have to refrain from busting out into Stay, but we’ve listened to this CD all week on repeat. Very cute and catchy and not annoying like many kid’s CDs. There is a song called Fried Ham that we’ve been singing non-stop, although I did cheer when, after singing it a few times, my boy asked “mom, what’s bologna?”


I read Divergent this week. It didn’t captivate me like Hunger Games and took me way longer to get into, but it was a good read and I stayed up too late to finish it. Looking forward to the next one.


Some good reads on the worldwide web:

Is An Egg For Breakfast Worth This? (NY Times) – we do eat eggs, but I try to make sure they all come from the Farmer’s Markets or other local sources. Even if you don’t care about the chicken’s welfare, you have got to think that the eggs produced by chickens who are surrounded by ammonia and decaying carcasses can not be healthy. Cheap eggs aren’t good. Good eggs aren’t cheap. I would love to raise our own chickens, but our neighborhood association prohibits it.

In The Wake Of Drought: What Remains (Beth Moore) – Preach it Beth!

Random Hula Hoop Picture:


And a gem from my Daughter’s take-home folder this morning:


(my elephant can be weird and my elephant can play dead) – not sure what to make of that

Any books you recommend for me or my kids????

6 thoughts on “Photo Friday – good reads

  1. My favorite kids book is Bats at the Library. I think Michael Chabon also has a super hero adult book that is pretty good.

  2. I’d love to raise my own chickens, but our homeowner’s association frowns upon it too. I just reserved those first two books at the library, and I can’t wait to get them! I am reading Little Bee right now, and it is really good. As far as kids books, nothing to recommend really. The 4 billionth Magic Treehouse is just as exciting as the first (not really), and my older son is reading a book called “Dude”. But they are reading, so I am happy about that!

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