Dusting Off The Ol’ Keyboard

Hi there.

I took an inadvertent little break from the blog. My entire family came down for Easter weekend and my plan to straighten up the house for their visit turned into Level 3 Spring Cleaning. My mom would never move my couches to see if I had vacuumed and dusted behind them, but, if she had, she would see that I indeed went Medieval on all dust, fingerprints and random toy parts in my house.

Of course, if you stopped by right now, you’d have to tip toe over the lego ‘dinosaur cage’ in my entry way and then dodge the easter eggs strewn about the living room that seem to multiply each night.

Here are some photos from the mini-blog break.

I bought a new swim suit.


There seems to be an unspoken dress code among most of the mid thirty-early forty moms at my pool that requires a tankini or one piece. A few moms sport a small two piece, but most of those seem to be the ladies that have BOTH rock hard abs and very well endowed bosoms (which are most likely medically enhance, due to their impossible perkiness).

My bosom is most certainly not surgically enhanced – if it was, I’d demand a refund. It is not remotely well endowed. It’s not even endowed. The only think rock hard about my abs would be if there was indeed a hard rock stuck to my swimsuit. My trunk is too short for a one piece, so I go with the tankini.

We made bunny face pancakes (idea from Pinterest).


My boy turned 4 and I made him a ninja cake.

He loved it. Happy sigh.

My dad turned, well, older than 4.


I made him a triple chocolate mousse cake from Cooks Illustrated (which took approx 17 hours but was rather fantastic) and he loved it. Happy sigh.

We had a preschool Easter party.


Notice the ratio of girl hats to boy hats. It’s good to be a boy in that class.

We celebrated 10 years of marriage.

He said I couldn’t do a schmoopy blog post about it, but know that marrying him is just about the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I got the way better end of the deal. Happy sigh.