What I Ate With Carrots In It Wednesday

Most Wednesdays I link up with the What I Ate Wednesday Blog Party hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons. For the month of April, we are encouraged to add an extra cup of vegetables to our daily eats.  Challenge accepted.  It’s already been brought-en.  (somebody recognize that quote, please!)

Yesterday I also ended up eating carrots in just about each meal.  If I look slightly orangy today, you’ll know why.  You know when you first start feeding your baby carrots and sweet potatoes and they get little orange noses due to all the beta-carotene?  Well I’m hoping less for the orange nose and more for an overall glow that might be perceived as a tan.    I also ate rather bad over the weekend and on into Monday (why hello sugar, I don’t mind if I do), so I decided to use they day where I photograph all my foods to clean up my diet a bit.  Thanks for the accountability guys.Breakfast:Green & Orange Juice – celery, parsley, carrots, ginger, lemon, apple, kale stalksFollowed by some Green Jasmine Tea


I got hungry again around 10 and had a brunch (?) of carrot raisin pineapple salad (recipe coming soon).

Lunch was a carrot-less bowl of brown rice and some cooked sprouted beans from a 3 lbs bag that I picked up at Costco.  I topped it with the Cheesy Sprinkles from the Let Them Eat Vegan cookbook – they are a blend of nutritional yeast and nuts.


I finished lunch off with a little bite of some leftover Carrot Cake from our weekend 4th birthday celebrations.


Mid Afternoon I had some Mary’s Gone Crackers dipped into Carrot Miso Dip (also from Let Them Eat Vegan) and some green tea lemonade.  That dip is fantastic!

I went to an early evening Athletic Interval class and ate a couple of Cocoa Cookie Dough Balls (again, from Let Them Eat Vegan and, no, I don’t get a referral fee) on the way.


When we got back from the gym  (where they had an Easter Party for the kids and both my kids ran up to me afterwards saying “we ate so many fruit loops” and then ran off in their sugar induced frenzy – lovely) I made a dinner of fried rice for the husband and I and some raw veggies for the kids.  They don’t like the seasoning in my fried rice, so they eat plain brown rice and veggies on our fried rice nights.

In honor of the ‘extra cup’ challenge, I threw in even more vegetables than normal into the fried rice.  Tonight’s version had carrots, red peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, celery green onions, snap peas and snow peas.

I’m planning on eating really clean for the next few days in preparation for the less-than-healthy Easter foods coming up this weekend.  Although, my daughter informed me yesterday that we can’t eat all the carrots in the fridge, as we need to save a couple for the Easter Bunny.  Duly noted.

16 thoughts on “What I Ate With Carrots In It Wednesday

  1. How funny, I ate carrots in almost all my meals for WIAW this week too! That carrot miso dip looks fantastic! I love miso added to dishes, really gives a depth of flavor. I’ve never seen that vegan cookbook…I may have to get. Thanks for sharing!

    • This is new to me – I guess a friend at school told her about it. I’m assuming we’ll leave it on the porch along with our Easter baskets and hope it get’s eaten. Actually, we tend to have night creatures in our backyard (that eat my plants), so it might actually get eaten for real. I won’t take any chances though – we’ll take some bites out of it when we are hiding the eggs. Yet another part of the lie to perpetuate. :)

  2. Nice looking food! And now I’m hungry. My mom used to make a carrot raisin salad when I was a kid, but hers was drenched in a mayo-based dressing and I was not a fan. Yours looks much better! That dip sounds really yummy too!
    We’ve never left carrots for the Easter bunny, but maybe we should start? I wonder if the Easter bunny likes kale?

  3. I’m so ready to eat clean again too… way too much sugar with family around this last week. And you’re right, more to come with Easter this weekend! I’m curious about the Let Them Eat Vegan cookbook, looks like some great recipes.

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