What I Ate (and wore and crafted and worked out) from Pinterest

I joined Pinterest with some trepidation about three weeks ago.  I heard stories about it being so addictive and was hesitant to have something else pull me to the computer/phone (and away from my kids. and laundry. and cleaning the kitchen floor. and so on).  I finally caved in and joined and was, in a word, underwhelmed.  Then I spent a few days checking out other’s boards and getting an idea of how I could use Pinterest and it grew on me.

I jump on once a day or so and have honestly gotten several great ideas for kid’s crafts, workouts and even a few fashion tips.  My sister is laughing at that last one.  Fashion tips for me means ‘buy a 17th black tee shirt from Target to wear with your boot cut jeans and, maybe, if you’re feeling cr-ah-zy, add a necklace.’

I’ll tell you what I don’t pin:

recipes involving wrapping cookie dough around an oreo/snicker bar/twinkie/box of junior mints

crafts that involve any more skill that cutting and gluing

Anything with thread – I can’t even sew a button on

recipes involving dumping cream of chemical something soup over chicken and calling it dinner

home decor that is utterly kid unfriendly

I do pin:

recipes I want to make – this has been the single most beneficial aspect of Pinterest for me. My bookmark list was getting out of control and, frankly,unusable

my favorite recipes

dream home ideas

home decor that I could actually do

kid’s crafts and art projects for my very crafty little girl

books I want to read

workout ideas

Here is a Pinterest Inspired Day in my little life…..

(also linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayon’s What I Ate Wednesday and, like a good little participant, included some greens)



Okay, not from Pinterest.

My drink trio – Smoothie (kale, banana, chia seeds, maca powder, Vega powder, water), green jasmine tea and water

My morning workout was a run followed by this beast:


My legs are already sore.  Those last 20 squat jumps were killer.

I ate a random lunch/snack in the locker room while getting dressed.  I think that Luna Bar has been in my purse since Christmas.  It wasn’t exactly a bar any more.  More of a crumble.


My second lunch/afternoon snack was some Mary’s Gone Crackers, Clementines and a Dill and Parsley Green Goddess dip,


that was inspired by this Pin.


The kids and I did some Easter inspired crafts and games.  We turned this idea:


into this decoration on our mantel.


Paint chips have never looked so cute and festive! We’ve made a couple of these chains already. I can handle cutting and hole punching.

I had a green tea lemonade while supervising some couch fort building.


We also played with some alphabet Easter eggs,

inspired by this Pin:


My outfit for the day also came from Pinterest (and Target, of course).  I went to Target last week for some typical Target goods (detergent, kid’s socks, etc) and walked out with a pair of yellow cropped pants.  Anything that’s not black or white is quite a stretch for me, but I think I like them:



I don’t look quite like the J Crew Model.  Or at all like her, although we do both have brown hair. I’ve seen some cute outfits with gray and yellow (and gray is black  + white, so it’s still in my comfort zone) and am now on the hunt for a gray shirt.

Dinner was a modified Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Pie with fruits and vegetables


from this Pin (from Happy Healthy Mama)


It was good and came together pretty quickly.  This one will be repeated.

Dessert was a mini coconut ice cream sandwich. It hit the spot.


Are you a Pinterest Fan?  

Greenling – The Big Green Box of Local Produce

I’ve blogged about Greenling before (here and here).  It’s a local company that pretty much brings the farmer’s market to your doorstep with the home delivery of local produce.  We like Greenling because we can’t always make the 30 minute drive to and from the farmer’s market on the weekend.  Unfortunately in this area, most of the CSAs pick up at the farmer’s market, so we don’t do a CSA either. We get a Greenling Local Box about once a month.  Here’s a peek inside last week’s box:

Swiss Chard, Collard Greens, Dill, Carrots, Kohlrabi, Rutabagas, Oranges, Limes, Avocados, Broccoli

Thought it might be fun* to document how I used all the produce these last few days.

*Fun?  I clearly need to get out more…

I used a lime and avocado to make a Key Lime Pie smoothie (technically not key limes, I know), although I used coconut milk in place of the apple juice which made it more mellow and creamy.

I used the other avocado and the dill to make a Dill-icious* version of Vegan Green Goddess dressing (using this Vegan Green Goddess recipe as my starting point).  I’ll post my version soon.

*Puns are fun, right?  Right?  

I used half of the the swiss chard  in a greens and egg and combo – sautéed swiss chard topped with a fried egg and lots of pepper.

The other half of the swiss chard went into a green juice along with kale stalks, apple, lemon, ginger and celery.

The collard greens were used in a couple of ways.

I made collard wraps with collard greens, almond butter and banana.

I used the second half of the bunch in a saute with namu shoyu ( like soy sauce) and pumpkin seeds, a combo I was introduced to in The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone.

One of the oranges was eaten in school lunches by the kids.  The other orange was turned into an Orange Ginger vinaigrette to pour over a fantastic Spelt Salad with the Carrots and Kohlrabi. Recipe coming Thursday.

The broccoli was made into uber-gourmet steamed broccoli.  I know, I’m ambitious.  I honestly love simple ol’ steamed broccoli with lots of black pepper.

As for the rutebagas?  They are still sitting in the fridge.  Any advice?

I highly recommend Greenling if you are in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas or Ft. Worth.  Actually I recommend it no matter where you live, but they only deliver in those two areas.  If you do decide to try Greenling, feel free to use my referral code.  We’ll both get 10% off an order.  My code:MICHEA254.  I’ll give you my rutabagas if you use my code….  :)