WIAW – Just a Tuesday

Try as I may, I can’t think of any witty way to tie together my day of foods for this week’s installment of What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.  Guess I’ll settle for a play-by-play type of post.

I woke up to a counter full of soaking things.  Totally normal, right?


White beans, chickpeas, bread dough (from this Peas and Thank You recipe), steel cut oats

I got the teapot started and got the steel cut oats cooking.  If you soak your steel cut oats overnight, they cook in about 10 minutes (vs. 35-40 for non-soaked).  I’m all about maximizing time in the morning.

I packed the kid’s lunches, as they both go to school on Tuesdays.


Pardon the technicolor photo.  Odd lighting.

  • The girl’s lunch: apples + strawberries, carrots + celery+ mushrooms, yogurt, pirate’s booty + cheese tortilla
  • The boy’s lunch: cheese tortilla + banana, broccoli + celery, pirate’s booty

The kids sat down to eat their ultra-gourmet breakfast of cereal and fruit.  Someone needs to tell the housekeeper to wipe the crumbs of that table.  Oh wait, that’s me.


I packed my breakfast for the car.


green smoothie: kale + banana+ peaches + water + a little scoop of Vega Vanilla Chai powder

Steel cut oats in a almost empty jar of peanut butter – a trick I learned from the blog world and it’s genius.  You get every last bit of nut butter out of the jar.  Mmmmm.

I got a hair cut and sipped on some delicious Aveda Tea.  Which you can recreate at home for much cheaper with the Yogi Licorice Mint tea, but it doesn’t come with someone massaging your scalp or blowing out your hair.  Bummer.

After the haircut, I came home to cook pot one of beans.  I added kombu (see my post yesterday on the greatness that is kombu) and sat the crockpot to low for about 4 hours.


I also put the bread in the bread machine and did some baking.  As I mentioned Monday, I get to review Dreena Burton’s new cookbook, Let Them Eat Vegan.  I made my first recipe from her book, the Sugar-Free Chocolate Cake.  You’ll have to buy the book to get the recipe, but I’ll divulge that it’s sweetened with dried fruit and a little bit of maple syrup.  I tasted a cupcake immediately after they came out of the oven and then ate my real lunch.

Detox Salad (from oh-she-glows) and an apple.

Followed by cupcake #2 and some tea:

The kids and I had an impromptu after-school milkshake playdate with some friends at a local restaurant.  Want to see your kids smile huge smiles?  Surprise them with milkshakes (topped with whipped cream, no less!) and some friends.


I had some iced tea and shared some fries with the kids.  Milkshakes and french fries – after school snack of champions, right?

We came home to find our Greenling box on the front step.  Post coming soon with a ‘how I use this random assortment of produce that shows up on my door step’ write up.


The kids and I had a random dinner while waiting for the husband to get home. I call this the peasant plate (not to be confused with pheasant plate):


Bread, avocados, walnuts, strawberries, apples, celery, cheesestick, almonds and chickpeas.  With a side of peanut butter for the bread, apples and celery.

And look, the housekeeper did clean off the crumbs from the table.  Maybe because she was powered by two dried-fruit sweetened cupcakes.

Once the husband got home, we loaded up in the car to go to a district-wide elementary school art fair.  Here is my little artist with her black heart painting.  It’s deep, yo.


And, no, I’m not sure why I’m gripping her tiny wrist.  She wasn’t trying to escape.  

Just a Tuesday in my little lively life.

11 thoughts on “WIAW – Just a Tuesday

  1. That looks like a good day. I think I’m going to have to work on more peasant plates for my kids on hairy days. What is pirate’s booty? sounds interesting.

  2. I’ve seen my share of kindergarten art, and your daughter’s painting is really good! She is quite the little artist!
    It may have been Just a Tuesday, but it looks like a great day. Lots of good stuff there! I didn’t know about soaking steel cut oats. I never make them because I don’t want to spend that much time on breakfast usually, but now that I am enlightened, I will have to add them into the rotation. But then, that will require some forethought the night before. Not sure I have that most evenings.

  3. I’m really impressed with your daughter’s artwork, too! I like the just-a-day-in-the-life style posts. And I was just wracking my brain about a plan for dinner, and love the combo you pulled together. Why cook every night? That looks simple and delicious. :)

  4. Very nice day of eats. Your daughters art picture is awesome!
    The vegan chocolate cupcake looks sooo good. I really want to get back in the kitchen and start cooking/baking again. Soon, in hope. I miss it.
    And yeah, I REALLY need to check myself in to Aveda, my hair is out of control and the tea is awesome!
    Happy WIAW to ya! :-)

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