St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas

It started in junior high when I made an inedible Shoo-Fly pie for an 8th grade history project.

Then onto high school when I created a scene from To Kill A Mockingbird on top of a cake (picture Scout’s mended jeans {fashioned from blue sticks of gum} folded over a fence {made of licorice} on a grassy lawn {green colored cocount}).

I have long loved to funnel my creativity into food creation.   I even made a living at it for several years. Admittedly, corporate food industry R&D is a wee bit more complicated than making a book scene atop a cake.

Now I’m a stay-home mom with a little food blog and passion for healthy living and raising a healthy family.  And a wee bit too much time on my hands.

Which means I do things like have themed food for holidays.  Pink and Red foods for Valentine’s Day. Spooky Eats for Halloween.  Green Foods for St. Patrick’s Day. Wait, St. Patrick’s Day?  You mean the one coming up next week?  Better get on that….

Here are some scene’s from last year’s St. Patrick’s Day Day-O-Green-Foods:

green applesauce (applesauce + spinach), cucumbers + celery, avocados, quesadillas with spinach + cheese

Green Smoothie – Spinach + Banana + Oranges + Chia Seeds + Water

Green Jelly Bellys

Cheese Bread, Spinach Pasta with Broccoli and Alfredo Sauce, Green Peas, Kiwi and Broccoli

Here are some ideas for naturally green foods for this year:

Key Lime Smoothie – could add some spinach to make it more green

Collard Greens with Namu Shoyu and Pumpkin Seeds

(Raw Vegan) Lime Tarts with Coconut Almond Crust 

Green recipes I’m eyeing (and pinning) from around the blog world:

Naturally Green Cupcakes from this recipe on Itsy Bitsy Foodie – using the green layer

Creamy Avocado Yogurt Dip from Two Peas & Their Pod

Any foods you have planned for St. Patrick’s Day?

Photo Friday – Shoe Shopping Adventures and More

The girl and I did some shoe shopping this week.  She needs some spring shoes and I had some Kohl’s cash to use up, we the munchkins and I headed to Kohls.  The little guy entertained himself trying on every possible rain boot and the girl and I got to shopping.

First Try:


The white shoe was ‘too round’ and the gladiator sandals, while cute, look like she’ll outgrow them quickly and that was the largest size they came in.  She is a size 11.5, which at Kohls means you go to the ‘girl’ shoes for a 12, as opposed to the ‘toddler’ shoes for an 11.  She’s crossed the barrier…

And then she spots these:


Cute, right?  Cute for a teenager or adult.  Not a kindergartener.  Yet, these were a size 12.  I present a kindergartner in the kindergarten version of stripper heels:



Something about the patent leather, ankle straps and platform under the foot bed made these all kinds of wrong for my little 6 year old.  Can we not just let our girls be little girls before we rush them into ‘sexy’ shoes???  She, of course, loved them, but since she almost broke her ankle about four times walking between the shelf and the bench, she agreed they weren’t for her.

We settled on a couple of a bit more age appropriate pairs:



You know what you can’t do in stripper heals?


Climb trees.

We took advantage of some fantastic weather early in the week to visit a new park.  I call this one “Little Boy Meets Big Hay Figure With Metal Ta-Tas and a Broom”



Transitioning from shoe shopping and parks, I present road kill.


This poor little dead armadillo at the entrance of our neighborhood has provided way more discussion that I anticipated.  We talked about armadillos at length (thank you google) and, once the vultures descended, talked about vultures and the circle of life (thank you Elton John).

 ps – vultures are creepy. just like little kids in patent, ankle-strapped high-heels.