The One Where I Finally Get It (and Menu Monday)

Finally getting the hype….


Finished book one in a day and started book two last night.  I’m predicting very little housework will get done until I’ve finished Mockingjay (book 3).  Please, send clean underwear.


Visited Lululemon for the first time.  Holy heck their stuff is nice.  And holy credit card bill.  I spent almost all my Christmas money on only 3 things.  Please, send Lululemon gift cards.


Finally joined Pinterest.  I’m a bit underwhelmed, but am still figuring it all out.  Some folks do a mighty lot of pinning.  If you want to follow me, click below.  I’m not the most prolific pinner, but I am going to try to pin deliberately and selectively.

Follow Me on Pinterest

Onto real life….

Since I must feed myself and my family (no Hunger Games in our house), here’s what I’m thinking for the week:

Menu Plan for February 27, 2012

Monday – Roasted Chickpea Tacos (from this recipe on Peas and Thank You)

Tuesday – Lentil Soup and Bread Machine Bread

Wednesday – Vegetable Plate Night: Asian Sesame Glazed Brussels Sprouts, oven roasted green beans, brown rice and cut up fruits and veggies

ThursdayCaramelized Onion Quinoa with Nuts and Seeds

Friday – Vegetable Pot Pie (recipe coming soon)

I also plan to make these recipes for lunches/snacks:

Sunflower Seed Butter (from Choosing Raw) – although I think I’ll make it a little less sweet

Miso Sesame Hummus (from Healthy in Candyland)

Linking Up with I’m An Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday.

15 thoughts on “The One Where I Finally Get It (and Menu Monday)

  1. Ooh, yay! So many exciting things about this post! I hope you like the hummus! The books are addicting, right? (Well the first two were. The third one is taking me a lot longer to finish but mostly because of my own time issues.) I still haven’t broken down and purchased anything from Lulu, although I often admire the fancy threads on people at the gym. And, welcome to the dangerous time-suck that is Pinterest. Have you been inspired to create/DIY/craft anything yet?

    • I’ve neglected all but the basics (read: I fed my kids, but did not fold laundry, vacuum or unload the dishwasher) to read book 2 today. I’m thinking I should hold off on the third one and read it when I have more time to devote to uninterrupted reading.

      As for Pinterest, I haven’t made anything from it yet. Yet.

  2. I’ve been nervous to join pinterest, as I already spend more time than I want to online! But I love seeing what people find on there… I’m sure I’ll break down eventually. Delicious week planned! We made mama pea’s chickpea tacos recently too and thought they were pretty good.

  3. Oh you make me laugh! Guess I will add The Hunger Games to my ever-expanding “to read when school is done” list! And maybe a splurge at Lululemon.

    • would like to hear what the next good series is. I was not a Twilight fan, but hear THE HUNGER GAMES is well written and worth it.

  4. The Hunger Games got more air time than our book at book club last week. I am just looking for a window of time, maybe April after all my holiday orders are done. Haven’t heard of Lululemon so I’ll do a look see. Lord knows I don’t need a time suck, so I’ll keep skipping Pinterest.Thanks for helping me focus on things, you are narrowing it down for me.

  5. so many things to comment on…i’m so happy you’re reading & loving hunger games! they’re too good to put down.

    i’ve never been to lululemon before, and for the sake of my bank account, i’m avoiding it at all costs. i have a feeling my willpower will disappear the second i step in there.

    and…following you on pinterest! :)

    • I’m halfway through book 2 and hope to have it finished tonight. I actually dreamed about it last night.

      Yes – lululemon is dangerous. I say go in with gift cards or a set amount of cash. And don’t be prepared to walk out with much. I’m curious to see how it holds up. $80 for pants is pretty crazy if they wear out quickly, but if they last longer than my Target pairs (which I get about a year on), then maybe I can justify the cost. Still, I’m not going back for awhile.

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  7. yay for the hunger games!! such a great series. i’m on mockingjay now, and my husband is on catching fire. the first was definitely the best (so far) and i can’t wait for the movie. :)

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