Valentines Day White Chocolate Spoons

I am not a crafty mom.  That’s why I have a food blog and not a craft blog.  God, who has a huge sense of humor, has given me a crafty, artistic daughter.  So, I’m slowly conquering my tendency to start cleaning up art supplies within 2 minutes of getting them out, trying to embrace the inherent messiness of crafts with kids and, really, just get over myself.

I get Family Fun magazine and am honestly impressed at the creative yet reasonable crafts they have in each issue.  Most don’t require 5 trips to the craft store and  skill with wood working or metal welding like other craft magazines.

I saw this craft in the February Issue and this thought process followed:

Spoons with white chocolate and sprinkles. Hummmmm.

I can do that.

Sprinkles are easily contained on a cookie sheet.

Melted white chocolate is easily contained in a ziploc bag.

Only two stores to get supplies: craft store for ribbon, clear bags, and Wilton sprinkles,  grocery store for spoons and white chocolate.

I can do that.

A craft the kids will enjoy, one that is good for gifts, one that only requires one trip to one craft store, one that can be done for $15?

I can do that.

And I did.  We did.  And, dare I say, it was fun.

In process (with some neighbor friends).

Finished Product

Close Up

Are you a crafty person?