School Lunches – Preschool Edition

My little guy (age 3) goes to preschool two days a week.  He isn’t as into food variety as his big sister, so his lunches tend to look the same most days.  Here is a sampling of 5 of his lunches.

tortilla + cheese, berries, cucumbers

celery+broccoli, chickpeas, tortilla + cheese, watermelon, water

tortillas + cheese, celery, chickpeas, grapes*

broccoli, cheese + tortilla (can you tell that his dad made them on this day?  which of these tortilla roll-ups is not like the other?), celery + peppers + raspberries (= most random combination ever)

chickpeas+leftover pasta, broccoli, apple, cheese + tortilla

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*someday, when he is angry and telling me that I don’t do anything for him, I’ll remind him that I used to painstakingly cut up his grapes.

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