Photo Friday


So, my little guy can be entertained for at least 10 minutes (which is forever in 3-year old time) if I give him a sheet of stickers to peel off and place on paper.  Lately he has been using these hole-punch reinforcement stickers.  On Wednesday the kids decided that putting them on their eyes turned them into zombies and voila! a new game was born.


We saw Santa at Bass Pro Shop.  Which led to the funniest moment of the week:

The camping area of Bass Pro had a big camping display.  There was a whole camping scene set up: tent complete with kid-sized mannequins, fake greenery, wood chips on the ground, taxidermied animals placed around the scene and the like.  My little girl asked why the animals looked so real and I tried to explain the basics of taxidermy.  Which went something like this:  ‘well, they were real, but someone killed them.  And then they took out the blood and organs and stuffed them with something else and now they are just decorations.’ (I have a way with words, no?).  My little guy took in the explanation, turned to me with huge eyes and a horrified expression and asked “were those people real once too?”


Buddy boy got a new shirt, simply because I wanted my child in a shirt with a Delorean.


Trip to the libraries are good for the soul.

15 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. The zombies do look pretty freaky! I love it when kids are entertained by the simple things in life. And when they ask questions like your son did at the Bass Pro shop! That is one worth writing down. Yes, trips to the library are most definitely good for the soul. Bookstores are too, but they are not so good for the bank account.

  2. I have to have that shirt for my future children. Back to the Future is my husband’s fave. movie and possibly an obsession. Where is it from?

  3. “A Kiss for Little Bear” is the BEST BOOK EVER.

    “Too much kissing!” ;) Hen is such a grouch.

    (P.S. Do your kids know “Owl at Home?” Another one of my favorites, and has the same feeling as many of the Little Bear stories. “Owl and the Moon” makes me tear up a little every single time I read it!)

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