Better Late Than Never? The Thanksgiving Recap.

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Is there a statue of limitations on Thanksgiving Recap posts?  If so, hopefully I’m coming in under it.

Thanksgiving By the Numbers:

23  – hours in the minivan driving all over Texas

21 – Hours in the minivan that we had the DVD on during our travels.  Let’s just say we can all recite The Incredibles, Kim Possible, Richard Scary’s Busytown Mysteries and Berenstein Bears in our sleep.

8 – Pounds of clementines/cuties that my husband, kids and I ate in the 5 day trip.  Literally.

3 – Number of hay bales that my kids played on for an hour at my grandpa’s farm.

5 – People who drove my  grandpa’s new tractor: Grandpa, the husband, me, our daughter and our son.  It was the first time for the last three people on that list.  I can add ‘drove a tractor’ to my 2011 accomplishments now.

1 – Number of times my girl made it all the way across the big monkey bars at the park in our grandpa’s small town that we’ve been coming to with her 6 years.  Her first time.  You can see the excitement and pride in her face.

3 – Dishes I contributed to the Thanksgiving Meal.  A Holiday Salad with the Cranberry Orange Vinaigrette Dressing from Oh She Glows, a vegan pumpkin ice cream pie and a quinoa dish with roasted butternut squash, caramelized onions, cranberries and apples.

2 – Siblings that I am so very grateful for.

At least 3 – Hours I spent gazing at and trying to get a grin out of my new niece.  Seriously, don’t you just want to nuzzle those little cheeks?  She smells as good as she looks.

5,000 – Steps taken by my kids and their cousins as they ran, ran, ran all around my grandparent’s land the day after Thanksgiving.

Children’s 4/5 – Size of my daughter’s coat that my sister could fit into.

1 – Number of times we had to pull over the car and let my little guy use the bathroom on the side of the road because he ‘ree-yee, ree-yee has to go the bathroom right now!’  Not too bad for 20+ hours in the car.

It was a great week of eating, loving on family and feeling so blessed to have so many great people in my life.

10 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never? The Thanksgiving Recap.

  1. I think the statute of limitations doesn’t run out until the next Thanksgiving, so you’re good. That first photo is so frame worthy! I love it. Looks like a beautiful holiday. Those are great pics of you too. And, am totally adding ‘drive a tractor’ to my to-do list for 2012.

  2. How cute!!! Everything. I love this post!

    10 – # of times I’ve pulled over and peed on the side of the road for the same reason as your son. And this is all post-college. No shame.

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