Learning From My Mistakes

I am a part of a the RealFood San Antonio buying group.  Which means different members organize bulk buys of different foods, allowing for bulk discounts.  This past week I purchases some green powder through a big Green Smoothie Girl buy and on Monday night I sat down to send a Pay Pal payment to the lady who organized the purchase.

Let’s say her email address was cutekatie@email.com (it’s not).  I accidentally sent my payment to cutekate@email.com (another fake, for illustration’s purpose email address).  I left out one letter, and, as luck would have it, the ‘missing one letter’ email address was also a registered PayPal user.  As soon as the post-payment confirmation page came up, the one with the actual name of the person you’ve sent the money too and not just the email address, I realized I’d sent money to the wrong person.

I kinda freaked out.

I frantically searched the PayPal sight to figure out how to cancel payment, but, since it was linked to my bank account, it was an automatic payment and couldn’t be stopped.  I called PayPal and was told to contact the individual directly and request a refund.

I immediately wrote an “I’m so stupid, I sent money to you on accident, please refund and I’m sorry for any hassle’ type of email and sent it.  No response.  I sent another email the next day.  No response.  Mind you, refunding money is as simple as clicking an ‘issue refund’ button from your account page.

After 3 days, I called PayPal again and they helped me start a Dispute Resolution.

I got an email from the person yesterday, the first I’ve heard since Monday night and this is what it said:

Tell it walking and take a report Michelle

Dude, what does that even mean?

I’m grateful it was a relatively small payment, because I’m not sure I’m going to get it back.  I know it was my fault, as I clearly entered the wrong address and pushed ‘send money.’  So, I’m not sure that the person legally has to refund it.  Mostly I’m disappointed that they aren’t doing the right thing and returning money that they did not earn.

Mean people suck.

Moral of the story: double check your email addresses before you hit send.  Too bad it cost me $30 to learn that.