Vegetarian Dining in San Antonio – BigZ Burger Joint

Oh no she didn’t…
Oh yes I did.

Pretty sure I’m going to be kicked out of the vegetarian club for posting about a burger restaurant, but rest assured no animals died in the writing of this post.  Nor did I eat any.

If you live in North Central San Antonio, you can’t miss BigZ Burger Joint.  It’s a barn-shaped restaurant that always has cars lining up the access road in a make-shift overflow parking lot, at any time of day.  I kid you not, we drove by this past Saturday at 3pm and the parking lot and access road were full.  At 3pm.  What meal do you eat exactly at 3pm?  Lunch-er?

I’ve eaten their burgers in my non-veg days and they are tasty.  I’ve been happy to discover, though, that their veggie burgers are really tasty too.  Look:

I love their Big Veggie Burger, which is a grilled, marinated portabella mushroom served with beer braised onions, avocados and house-made mayo on a whole wheat bun.  The normal burger veggie toppings are served on the side.  It’s extremely messy and you must eat it quickly before the mushroom and onion juices turn the bun into mush, but it’s a happy frantic eating experience.

They have delicious fries, both regular and sweet potato and the house-made chips are dangerously addicting, as is the homemade chipoltle mayo for dipping.  Hello calories!

I hear the shakes are good too, but I generally prefer to eat my calories instead of drinking them.  Unless it’s a margarita.  Plus, I’m usually beyond stuffed after the veggie burger and fries to even consider dessert.

Beyond the tasty food, BigZ has another huge selling point:

A big (FENCEDIN!!) astro-turfed lawn where the buffalos and kids roam free.  Or maybe just the kids.  On nice nights (or nice 3pm afternoons on Saturday), it’s wonderful to sit and enjoy your meal or beverage while the kids run wild.  People often bring soccer balls, so if you are sitting outside you have to stay alert for stray foul balls flying at your head.  Just a warning.  :)

Any BigZ fans out there?