What They Ate Wednesday – Halloween Day Eats

For this weeks What I Ate Wednesday hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons,

I’m posting What They Ate on Halloween, they being my 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son.   Or, keeping with the day’s spirit, A Day of Food in the Life of a Queen and Spiderman.

Because I knew they’d be consuming some trick-or-treat candy, in all it’s refined sugar, artificial color & flavorings, corn-syrup containing, no-nutritional-value-unless-you-count-the-peanuts-in-snickers glory, my approach was to load them up on good stuff throughout the day, right up to the moment I unleashed them onto the streets of our neighborhood.  I also wanted to make it fun.  I like doing theme dinners for holidays, like my Valentine’s Day Pink and Red Dinner and green foods for St. Patricks Day.



oatmeal + cinnamon+ coconut milk + halloween sprinkles


For The Girl

pear, carrots+peas+corn, avocado, pumpkin shaped pb&j

For The Boy

celery + carrots+ cheese quesadillas


After school, we headed to Whole Foods and did their little Halloween Scavenger Hunt.  They got to go to each section of the store and trick or treat.

Look at the goodies they got (for free):

Lucky for me, they don’t like dark chocolate.  :)

It almost makes up for the crazy high prices of that store.  Almost, but not really.

After also picking up the normal free kid’s snack from the customer service desk, they got to eat it  in the car.  My girl chose fruit leather,


and the boy chose a juice box.


Miraculously, none of it ended up on his shirt or the seat.


We came home and ate a Halloween-themed tostado dinner.  (I’m all about the tostados lately).

I present….

The Jack-O-Tostado

Tostado+Guacomole+Carrots+Beanito Chips+ Red Pepper

The Tombstone

Tostado + Refried Beans + Baked Corn Tortilla in the Shape of a Tombstone

The Spider 

Beanito chip, refried beans, carrots

You could definitely get more creative with these, but the kids were anxious to eat and get outside.  There was candy to be had!

Can you feel the anticipation?  They also had a pumpkin shaped jello jigglers and some mangos and tangerines.

The Main Event

Okay, the WIAW part is over, but I thought I’d share some pictures from the night:

A Queen (don’t call her a princess, unless you want to be corrected) and Spiderman

We trick or treated with some neighbors – smurfette x 2 + a queen

Family Photo

 The neighbors handed out pumpkin martinis again.  Mmmm.

The Loot

Hope you all had a happy halloween!  

16 thoughts on “What They Ate Wednesday – Halloween Day Eats

  1. remind me to come to your house next year and tag along. Pumpkin martinis? Brilliant! And i love the halloween themed dinner. I think my grown up husband would actually love that! haha.

  2. I love that your kids eat avocados! I had no idea that WF gave out free food to kids; that’s great!

    I’m with Lindsey about the pumpkin martinis, too. I don’t think I would make it in a house full of that loot….my inner sugar addict would go bonkers.

  3. I love it! I had plans to pull out my Halloween cookie cutters for the kids’ meals too, but it just didn’t happen this year. Looks like you had a fun Halloween. I love the idea of handing out pumpkin martinis to the grown ups. But with how many trick-or-treaters we get in our neighborhood, we would go broke!

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