You Can’t Judge a Gift by it’s Baby Wipe Wrapping

I go to my mailbox and find a key.  The key that means ‘you’ve got a package.’  Excitement builds.  I unlock the package mailbox with the magic key and find a big baby wipe box:

But they have my dear, dear friend Ginnie’s return address, and I know she wouldn’t waste either of our time shipping baby wipes from Minnesota to Texas.  Plus, she’s the one with a child still in diapers, so if one of us was going to get baby wipes in the mail, it would be her.

I open it to find this:

I’m intrigued by the Crazy Day Rescue Supplies, but, because I love anticipation, I open the gift sack first to find

a sweet card, some candy coated sunflower seeds and my very favorite flavor of tea.  I love that she knows that I like Green Jasmine.  The only thing that would make it more enjoyable would be enjoying a cup in her presence.

After a happy sigh, I moved onto the mysterious Crazy Day Rescue Supplies:

Do I have the most awesome friend or what?  Seriously!

I think every day has it’s crazy moments, so really, crazy day rescue pretty much means everyday treats.  Right?

Plus, Ginnie, in her infinite wisdom, was smart enough to send all that in a baby wipe box.  Which means I can keep all those goodies in a place that my kids or husband would NEVER look.  Genius.

I’m off to eat some chocolate.  It’s been a crazy day, you know.