What I Ate Wednesday (thanks to my appliances)

It is yet another Wednesday, and time for What I Ate Wednesday hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.  I’ve gotten my days straight this week, unlike last week.

 Also – thanks so much for all the feedback on my haircut post.  Next time I’m having a low self esteem moment, I’m heading over to read those comments.  Which means they’ll get read quite often.  :)  I will post pictures soon of my new ‘do!

Back to the WIAW at hand…

I took pictures of my day of food on Monday.  Somehow I managed to use just about every appliance in my kitchen.



Green Juice (before)

Green Juice (after)

Juice + Tea

Steel Cut Oats + Raisins + Cranberries + Almonds + Walnuts+ Pumpkin Seeds (aka the Jason’s Deli salad bar trail mix)

Appliances Used:




Food + Appliances Used

Kale Salad (dressing made in magic bullet) + Detox Salad (made with food processor)


Green Smoothie (via the Vita Mix) – spinach, banana, frozen berries, water



Southwest Falafel’s + Creamy Avocado Spread + Salsa + Fruit

Appliances Used:

Crockpot to cook the beans

Stovetop to make the falafels – which turned into a hash after flipping the patties didn’t work

Mini-food processor to make the avocado spread



Peanut Butter Banana Soft Serve

Appliances Used:



  • Dehydrator to dry some soaked sunflower seeds.
  • Rice cooker to make rice for fried rice later in the week
  • Dishwasher to wash the 743 (approx) dishes I used on this day
I think the only appliances that got the day off were my toaster and bread machine.  What can I say?  I love technology!
Thanks for reading!  Now I’m off to unload the dishwasher.  Can someone work on one that unloads itself?  That is an appliance I would love to have.

19 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday (thanks to my appliances)

    • You WON a Vitamix? Um, score of the year! Those puppies are pricey. I hope you went out and bought some lottery tickets after to capitalize on your luck!

      I do have a lot of appliances, but, for what it’s worth, I use them all often. I am all about cleaning out/purging stuff and after a few moves, we are down to only the ones that get used weekly.

  1. Don’t complain about that dishwasher . . . my parents had one for about a year when I was very little, and then it broke and they didn’t replace it until I went to college! So, essentially, given I have enjoyed years of apartment living since then, I have NEVER in my life enjoyed the convenience of a dishwasher! Count your blessings, baby! ;)

    I have always thought I would die happy if I found a place that had a dishwasher and a washer-dryer in unit. ;) Until then, I suffer! (But I don’t have a family, so it’s not THAT bad!)

    • I love Jason’s Deli! I sometimes sneak some extra trail mix out – I figure it’s in the cost of the salad bar that I ordered. Is that wrong? I haven’t tried their puffy thing/nut mix…. I do love their bean salad and the seasoned feta cheese. They have a really fantastic salad bar.

      Now I’m craving Jason’s Deli. :)

  2. So much fun! I can’t wait to get back to the states to get back into my appliances. I miss my blender and food processor which I only just got and had to go away from :(
    I love before and after green juice pictures. So amazing.

  3. Wow, you did use a lot of appliances! Impressive.
    I really need to use the juicer once we get our stuff back! It has been way too long since I’ve juiced.
    (Is there a juicing secret? I feel like when I buy a juice (from coop) it always tastes better than when I make it myself)

  4. yum! nothings better than a glas of green juice to start the day!
    And I can completely rely to your appliance-crazyness. When I have a day off and go crazy in my kitchen its just a holy mess afterwards. Shame that technology is still behind with making them clean themselves…

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