Giveaway! Thought Blossoms Jewelry

I’m very excited about this post and giveaway.  A few months back (thanks Facebook!), I learned that a high school friend, Heather, had started a hand stamped jewelry business called Thought Blossoms on etsy.  As an admitted un-artistic person, I am always in awe of those who have the ability to create art.  I have even more respect for those who have the courage to pursue their passion as a career.  That’s what I tell my husband (and self) when I have bought a few too many etsy items…. ‘it’s supporting the artist directly!  How can you not buy it?’

Heather has a beautiful collection of customizable, hand stamped jewelry that is somehow

  • feminine without being girly
  • simple without being plain
  • industrial without being cold
  • graceful without being fussy

I have been eyeing her store and am wavering between some of these pieces:

A good reminder.

As is this one.

I love the dual metals in this one, along with the feminine pearl.  Here is what she says about this piece on her etsy site: I made this with a friend in mind – thinking about the strength you need to be patient in waiting for love to appear in your life.  As all her pieces can be personalized/customized, maybe I should get ‘strength and child’ as a reminder of the strength needed to be patient with your child.  I don’t think ‘strength and ‘child who is a lot like yourself’ would fit.


I love the initial necklaces too – although my kid’s initials spell ‘MA’ which makes me think of Little House on the Prairie. You could do so many combinations – your siblings, your parents, your children, you and your significant other.  Maybe I’ll do M and R for Michelle and Ryan Reynolds.  Or maybe just RR for his whole name.  That’s as close as I’ll ever get to him.  sigh. 

For all you runners  – what a great way to commemorate your race.

I wonder if I can get her to make me a special 5K bracelet for my little run.  It was the pinnacle of my running career and all.

Some are motivated by the word ‘Dream.’  It is a wonderfully motivating and evocative word.   As for me, it usually makes me dream about sleep.  Which isn’t an altogether bad thing, but somehow I don’t think that’s the message she was going for.  I’d probably go with ‘Grace,’ which has multiple meanings to me.

Giveaway Alert!

Heather has very generously offered a $20 credit to her etsy store to one reader.  To enter, please visit her site:

Thought Blossoms

and come back to my blog and leave a comment with the piece you’d buy if you won the credit.  I’ll pick a winner next Wednesday, Sept, 28th.

Good luck!

All images are used with permission from the artist, Heather at Thought Blossoms.