What I Ate Wednesday – Hometown Tourist Day

It’s time for another version of What I Ate Wednesday hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.

Breakfast was consumed in the car.

Overnight smoothie – overnight portion was oats, chia seeds, cocoa, coconut, coconut milk.  I added in spinach, ice and a frozen banana upon blending.

This week my little girl (5) is doing an Art Camp program at the Southwest School of Art in downtown San Antonio.

We live about 30 minutes north of this area, so very rarely make it down to the tourist mecca that is the San Antonio River Walk.  Today, after depositing the girl in her class,

my little guy (3) and I went on a spontaneous tour of the River Walk.

Walking is overrated. Running and jumping are where it’s at.

We checked the map.  And, like any good Dora devotee, he both sang the Map song and said that if we make it to the end we will find the treasure  He was upset to see nary a Gooey Geyser, Alphabet Forest or Troll Bridge on the map.

We found a waterfall.

We found lots of stairs that beckoned to be climbed.

After about half a mile, we came to main restaurant and hotel portion of the River Walk.  If I had been kid free, I would have had a quiet breakfast at one of these lovely tables.

Or maybe an early margarita.  A brunch-a-rita if you will.

Of course, if I was kid free, chances are I wouldn’t be strolling the River Walk at 10:00 am on a Tuesday.

Snapping back to reality, my guy and I hopped into the Hyatt for a bathroom break (and self-portrait, quickly taken before anyone came in and wondered why I was taking pictures in a hotel bathroom)

and visited the in-house (in-hotel?) Einstein’s Brother’s Bagels.

He chose a cinnamon sugar and I opted for the power bagel. We shared some peanut butter for schmearing and an iced tea for drinking.  Or, more accurately, I drank the tea and he ate the ice.

We sat in some painted chairs outside a Life is Good store.  I loved the quotes.

While I was taking pictures, my little guy tried to get as much cinnamon sugar on his face as possible.  What can I say?  He’s got talent.

He is doing what he likes and liking what he does.

After finishing our snack, we started the trek back to the art school. He practiced his rocker face skills outside of the Hard Rock Cafe.

We stopped along the way to share the bottom of the bagel (no way he was leaving the cinnamon sugar topping uneaten and yes I just posted a link to an article about sugar’s toxicity) with some hungry ducks

and fish.  Look at that lovely (or not)water.  The River Walk will never be known for clean water.

The above water views, though, are wonderful.

After a sweaty walk back (it was another 100+ degree day), we picked up our art student.

Since I spent the morning touring instead of running some previously planned errands, I got to take two hungry kids grocery shopping.  Thankfully there were some tortilla samples to tide them over.

I had a salad for lunch.  At 3 pm.  Better late than never, right?

Spinach + leftover quinoa with green lentils, yellow split peas and caramelized onions + sunflower seeds + pumpkin seeds

After the kid’s quiet time, we sat on the couch and I sipped some kombucha while learning mandarin with Ni Hao Kai- Lan.  Don’t tell me my mind is going to mush since leaving the workforce; Nick Jr is like preschool on TV, so I am learning new things every day.

For dinner we had my daughter’s very favorite dinner, Penne with Rosemary Tomato Cream Sauce.  She was feeling a bit left out after her brother’s big adventure (not to be confused with Pee Wee’s Big Adventure that also took place {in part} in San Antonio), so I made her special dinner.

After dinner I had a So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream Bar while flipping through a magazine.

This post was not sponsored by the San Antonio  Tourism Department, although it might as well have been.  I’m pretty content in the suburbs, but it’s nice to have something like this so close by on days that I’m feeling adventurous.  You know, as adventurous as you can be with a 3 year old.

Anyone been to the River Walk?  

29 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday – Hometown Tourist Day

  1. Hi Michelle! Last weekend, after a quick visit to the Pearl Farmer’s Market, Erick and I decided to get a little exercise and explore the Riverwalk area that’s less famous and newer than the hotel/restaurant craziness. I was shocked at how lush and well manicured everything was! I have been telling all locales (at least those of us who generally avoid the main part of the Riverwalk) to try out this new section for dog walking, kid walking or just see a new part of SA. Thanks for the post!

  2. This post made me smile :) Your little ones are too cute! Sounds like a perfect day, albeit a hot one. The only River Walk I’ve ever been to is the one in New Orleans, but the San Antonio one looks equally (if not more) lovely.

  3. I did the River Walk by boat when I visited San Antonio and thought it was alright. I much preferred biking between all the Missions! have you been to Greens restaurant? That was my favourite place to eat when I visited.

    • I think the River Walk is great for a one day (or even one night) experience. It’s really cool at night with all the lights, that is, when it isn’t 108 degrees out. I haven’t eaten at Green yet. I’m on their email list and drool over the menu each week, but I haven’t actually made it there yet. We don’t eat out all that much, so it hasn’t made it into our rotation yet.

  4. Oh my goodness, it looks amazing! And so much fun with your little guy. :) He’s got a lot of talents! he he! I’m jealous of your yummy ice cream bar and your magazine.

  5. i’ve been to the river walk! and I need to come back so I can visit you! what a fun day. And your daughter is just precious. I already knew your son was. ;)

  6. I’ve never been to Texas, but your kiddos are adorable and your eats look great. I love the motto of life is good – it’s always been a favorite.

  7. Your daughter is gorgeous! Watch out with that one… lol

    And your son… oh my goodness, he’s hilarious in that Hard Rock Cafe pose!

    Looks like your town and days are filled with fun and creativity, good food and beautiful scenery!

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