Giving is Better Than Receiving

My mother in law who is the second hardest person in my life to shop for (my mom is the first) had a birthday last week.  She always assures us that she doesn’t need a gift and why she may not ‘need’ a gift, I certainly don’t want her to feel unloved on her birthday.  So, I made up some edible gifts for her…..

Sprouted Quinoa and Grape Salad (with red quinoa)

Mmmmmm Sauce (from Peas and Thank You)

Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus

While a bag of quinoa and chickpea dip is certainly not equal to a neatly wrapped iPad, I’d say it’s better than candle or scented body lotion….

11 thoughts on “Giving is Better Than Receiving

  1. I always feel like these are the best kinds of gifts! :)

    My Dad, who needs nothing, received a trayful of homemade baklava for Father’s Day. Him and my Mom polished it off (all 48 pieces!) in 3 days. :D

    • I spent 6 summers in MN and I’d take a MN summer over a TX summer any day. A small part of TX is dry heat, but most of it is as humid or more than the Minneapolis area. A TX winter, though, is NOTHING like a MN winter. I get annoyed when folks down here complain about the cold. :)

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