Last week this little girl formally finished pre-school.  Sniff.

This little guy finished his first year of preschool.  Luckily for me, he still has a couple of more years before the 5-day a week school regime.

The start of summer means many things, but the most applicable to this blog is that my 2 days a week of kid-free time (aka blog time) is on hiatus.  I hope to blog somewhat regularly, as my sanity and patience is directly correlated with my time to read blogs and write my own.  It’s also correlated to time to workout, time to use the bathroom alone and an occasional glass of cold Chardonnay, but that isn’t as relevant to this blog.  :)

I ask for your patience as I adjust to our summer schedule.  While I need this blog, I am also continually convicted of how quickly the days where my kids want to be with me and enjoy my company are passing and I want to be as present as possible for them and this ‘the days are long but the years are short’ season.

We are on day 2 of mandatory ‘room time’ for the kids.  Yesterday it was cut short as my little guy needed to come out because there were dinosaurs flying around his room.  Oh yes there were.  He could see them.  While I had to fight my smile (unsuccessfully), I also had to fight the urge to tell him that a much better lie would have been to tell me he saw a spider.  Clearly the kid has some learning to do.  I’m not the smartest person around, but I’m pretty darn sure that our house was dinosaur free yesterday at 2:45pm.  We’ll see if his lying skills improve as the summer progresses.

If the room time can become routine, I’ll get to blog more regularly.  If I have to fight off dinosaurs each afternoon, I may be too busy to blog and read blogs.

I did get to enjoy this Cucumber, Basil and Mint Sparkler from Emily at A Nutritionist Eats.  I made mine sans vodka, you know, since I was supposed to be mothering and all.  It was wonderful and I will happily be making the adult version some evening.

Any summer plans for you?  What are your favorite memories of summers from your childhood?  Mine are days at the city pool, eating popsicles (Otter Pops – anyone ever have those?) by the dozen and trips to the library.

14 thoughts on “Sum-Sum-Summertime

  1. We rode our bikes to the pool and ate frozen Charleston Chews a lot. And played countless games of “Ghosts in the Graveyard” with the neighborhood kids!

    Is “Room Time” like “Quiet Time?” My brother and I were pretty good about that once we got a little older . . . I think as preschoolers, we maybe weren’t so good at that?

    • Yes, room time = quiet time. However, if I called it Quiet Time, my future lawyer daughter would argue that she can be quiet in the living room/kitchen/etc and that isn’t really the point. The point is for them to stay in their rooms and play alone for an hour. The 3 year old, however, isn’t as good at playing alone just yet.

      What is Ghosts in the Graveyard?

    • I always dread the summer without anything structured for the kids to do, but it always works out fine. Sign em up for all the VBS’s you can find, that is my advice! ;) My summer memmories involved lots of trips to Sea World. We had season passes and would just go for lunch.

      And I am really interested in that beverage, but I can’t get the link to work!

  2. I remember Otter pops!!!

    On the bright side, if you do have to fight dinosaurs every afternoon, you probably won’t need to go workout as often. ;)

  3. If summer EVER comes to Seattle, I would love to just sit on my porch and drink one of those drinks that you have. And scarf down watermelon like it’s going out of style.

    If I know you are having fun with your kids, it takes some of the pain away from the lack of posting. So go, enjoy!

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