Crazy Sexy Buddha Bowls

In the cooler months (I won’t say cold, as I do live in San Antonio, TX) I make a ‘whatever veggies are in the fridge’ veggie soup once a week for dinner.  I usually make it on Monday nights and the husband and I call it our detox soup in order to flush away the weekend meals and start the week right.

Now that it’s getting hot (I will say hot, not warm, as I do live in San Antonio, TX), a hot veggie soup sounds too, well, hot.  Yes, we could eat it cold, but the husband and kids are not cold soup people.  Still, I’d like a meal that has similar attributes to the detox soup.

Enter the Buddha Bowl.  I just finished reading Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet and among the many things that intrigued me in the book was her usual dinner of Buddha Bowls.  Click here to see her version on the Crazy Sexy Life website.

I made this last night and it is absolutely going to be in the weekly rotation.

I made quinoa and brown rice, steamed some broccoli and roasted some green beans.  I also chopped up celery, mushrooms, raw broccoli, carrots, spinach and kale.

We all got to mix and match our own dinner, which, as you can imagine, the kid’s loved.  The husband actually decided to make his own stir-fry, so he just added all his veggies to a pan and stir fried away.  Sorry if that offends the raw food-ers.  :)

Another bonus was that I just tossed all the leftover veggies and quinoa into a bowl, added a little olive oil and ume plum vinegar and I have today’s lunch waiting for me in the fridge.

Have you read Crazy Sexy Diet?  Any thoughts on it?