Have Chickpeas, Will Travel

We spent the last four days with out-of-town family for Easter.  Thursday night the four of us drove to the Dallas area (5.5 hours), where my folks live.  On Friday the husband and kids got back in the car and headed about 3.5  hours away to visit his grandfather.  I stayed behind due to a Saturday morning commitment in Dallas.  My 3 loves drove back on Saturday (another 3.5 hours) early evening, just in time for a church egg hunt and Easter Eve service.  Sunday we had Easter with my parents, sister, brother & sister-in-law in Dallas and then got back in the car and drove the final 5.5 hour leg of our trip to come back to San Antonio.

I’ve got posts coming this week about the trip and Easter (ps, my kids looked pretty cute in their Easter finest, until my little guy drooled tootsie roll all over his white shirt).

I packed up foods on Thursday both for the drive and for me to eat while at my parent’s house.  Can you see the common theme/ingredient?

Clockwise from upper left: Vega powder, Justin’s chocolate peanut butter, apples, clementines, bananas, lemon, chicken-less chicken salad (with chickpeas + vegan mayo + celery + onion), peanut butter hummus, brownie batter hummus, curried quinoa with chickpeas and apples, almonds, tortillas

Hmmm.  Think I like chickpeas a little?  Yep.

And Katie (of Nourishing Flourishing), if you are reading, you have been deemed a culinary genius by my family.  Your peanut butter hummus (here is the link again) was eaten by my mom, dad, sister, sister in law AND mother in law.  I don’t know if my mom has ever had a chickpea cross her lips until this recipe.  That, my friends, is an Easter miracle.  It tastes like a whipped peanut butter-flavored butter.  It is sooo good!   I liked the brownie batter hummus too, but I didn’t think it was in the same league as the peanut butter hummus.

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!

9 thoughts on “Have Chickpeas, Will Travel

  1. What is your parents eating style? Just got back from my in laws. They are not vegan, and there idea of a great easter dinner is opening up a bunch of boxes of processed foods and go. My MIL talked it over, decided on ham, family mac n cheese, rolls, and a green veggie. We ended up with frozen apples, frozen corn with butter, canned green beans, fresh broccoli (yay), fresh carrots (probably cause they didn’t have any canned), frozen rolls, turkey…I mean, what am I suppose to do?!?!?

    • My parents do not eat like me. At all. Hence the packed meals. :)

      Since I’m not vegan, I usually eat some of the sides. Our Easter meal was ham, mac & cheese, broccoli salad (with bacon) and pork ‘n’ beans. Sounds like our families have similar tastes.

  2. i am excited to see the pics of your kids in easter gear! i bet they were adorable. i brought the lemon blueberry pie out of clean food to easter and waited until after all the fam gave it their nod of approval before telling them it was made out of tofu :)

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