Greenling – The First Green Box Arrives

Tuesday I got my first Greenling delivery.  Greenling is a Austin and San Antonio grocery delivery service.  Their motto is Local Food, Organic Food, Home Delivered.  Yes please.

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The doorbell rang and the kids reacted as if Santa himself would be at the door.  We took our box from the nice man and came into the kitchen.  The kids scattered when they realized there was not a Barbie or Buzz Lightyear (pronounced Buzz Yite-Year by my guy) in the box, although my little guy did grab a handful of kale to munch on as he ran off to get back to annoying his sister.

With Greenling you can choose the popular ‘Local Box’ which is CSA-like in that you get whatever the farmer’s (or in this case, Greenling team) chooses.  For my first box, I chose to do a pick your own box and select the specific products I wanted.  I choose only local items, but there were many non-local items that could be chosen if you wanted to make the Greenling box your sole source of produce.  I personally enjoy grocery shopping, so I will probably continue to get both Greenling produce and grocery produce.

I personally plan to treat the Greenling produce as a CSA/Farmer’s Market replacement.  I hope for it to become the majority of the produce we consume, but also know I will still head to the grocery store for things like bananas, celery and kale – things we eat weekly all year but aren’t always local.

The bounty:

collard greens + sprouts + spinach + kale + kombucha  carrots + sweet potatoes

all local!  Go Texas!

new to me Buddha’s Brew Kombucha, bottled in Austin, TX

Broccoli Alfalfa Sprouts


  • We ate half the carrots that night and are down to the final two by today.  We like carrots.
  • The sweet potatoes went into tonight’s dinner of black bean and sweet potato burritos.  Yum.
  • I’ve had some of the kale in Mama Pea’s Sunshine Salad.  Also yum.
  • I ate a couple of the collard leaves in wraps today with a white bean spread and sprouts.  I’ve got lots more to eat, so I better get going.  Good thing I honestly love Collard Greens.
  • The kombucha is waiting for a moment when I need a pick me up.  I love that stuff, but it isn’t cheap.  I usually wait until I really need it.  :)

Next week I am trying the local box, which will be a fun reverse meal planning experience.  Get the ingredients first and then plan the meals – sounds like my kinda challenge.  Kinda like Iron Chef.  Except for the whole kitchen stadium thing.  And no Alton Brown in my kitchen, sadly.

Any other Greenling fans out there?