S is for Saturday

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit.  The husband was traveling all week for work and by Wednesday I went into survival mode, which meant blogging went by the wayside.  He is back safe and sound, actually at Starbucks with the kids as I type.  Ah, solitude.

ps – Single moms, I applaud you.  Non-stop parenting is hard.

In honor of Saturday, I present some of things I’ve been up to:

Sangria fixings for book club.  Is is wrong that my daughter came in the kitchen as I was mixing and asked to help stir?  And I let her?  I also brought my kids with me to book club, as our hostess graciously (and bravely) offered up her sofa and DVD player.  The kids happily watched How to Train Your Dragon while I sipped a glass of sangria and enjoyed adult conversation. (The red potato in the background is not a part of the Sangria.  Just to clarify…)

Saline Solution for my Sinuses. I am now the proud owner of a nettipot.  I felt a bit violated the first time I used it, but I slept better that night than the 3 nights before.  It is strange but very effective.  I’m sold on the netti pot.

Square Foot Garden. I have grand visions of a plethora of produce.  Time will tell if the reality will match up with my vision.

Smoothies.  I had several smoothies for meals this week, as being a bit sick sapped my appetite.

Swine. Today we headed downtown with the kids to see If You Give a Pig a Party.  Very cute.  And loud.

waiting for showtime

Sightseeing. We took advantage of being downtown and walked over to the San Antonio Riverwalk.  It was a beautiful day to be walking around.












Spying on a wedding (and asking why we couldn’t have some of that ‘beautiful and delicious cake?”)

Strawberry Ice Cream


Hope you are having a super Saturday!