Green Day 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I know very little about this holiday, aside from green being the official color (well apparently green AND orange).  My kids enjoyed the pink and red themed Valentine’s Day foods so much, I thought it might be fun to do a green food day for St. Patrick’s Day.

Breakfast for the kids was just barely green.  They had a carb carb combo of pumpkin bread and leftover waffles, along with strawberries and green spinach.  

I had some green juice. I haven’t juiced in a week and it was just what I needed.



For the kid’s lunch I turned this recipe for a green grilled cheese into a green quesadilla.  It was a bit greasy.

She argued that the green flowers on the dress were enough green for the day.  If there is a national pink holiday, she could be the poster child.

We also had green applesauce (spinach pureed with applesauce), cucumbers, celery and avocados.  My girl ate most of it.  My little guy, well, here was his reaction to the lunch:

He sees

But I don’t want a green quesadilla.  I want a regular quesadilla.

Why?  Why?  Full on big tears and wailing, even with a mouthful of cucumbers.

I had my little guy’s uneaten green quesadilla and a green smoothie.  He got another plain (cheese+tortilla) quesadilla, which he ate with a better attitude.

spinach+clementine+banana+chia seeds + water

For dinner we had a very un-Irish Spinach Pasta with a Broccoli Alfredo Sauce.  I also tried a new recipe for a no-knead bread with Italian herbs (not a keeper).  Also un-Irish, but at least Italian starts with the same letter (?).

We had green cucumbers, green peas, green raw broccoli and some green kiwi (which was actually from Italy – the third Italian thing in our Irish holiday meal).  If you look closely, you’ll see frost on the peas.  This is actually intentional.  I didn’t forget to heat the peas.  My kids have a strange love for frozen vegetables straight from the freezer.

I pondered making a green desert (like the raw Lime Mouse Pie  from Raw Food Real World that has been tempting me for months), but ran out of motivation.

Enter the green jelly bellies.  We had a Green Jelly Bean Tasting party for dessert and each had to pick our favorite.  I had to refrain from reverting back to my professional days and conducting a true sensory descriptive panel.  There were no liking scores or penalty analyses.  I didn’t randomize the tasting order or force a preference. Shout out to the food and sensory scientists….you can take a girl out of the food industry, but you can’t take the food industry training out of the girl….

My girl chose the watermelon, my guy chose the pear.  I preferred the green apple and the husband just had a second helping of pasta.  He isn’t much for jelly beans.

I also enjoyed a glass of wine from a greenish bottle, made from green grapes and with green font on the label.  A stretch, yes.  But much needed and much savored.

Any fun at your house on St. Patrick’s Day?

15 thoughts on “Green Day 2011

  1. i love all of your green foods! and lol at your little guy’s reaction to the green quesadilla.

    i’m glad you had some wine at the end of your day. :)

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