My New Place, The Lively Kitchen

I’ve been thinking about changing my blog title for awhile.  While I am still a housewife and I still eat a lot of raw foods, I don’t think Housewife in the Raw as a title is totally reflective of what this blog has become.

I find myself posting more cooked recipes, not because I don’t eat raw foods, but because the majority of the raw foods I eat don’t really warrant a recipe.  If they did, they’d look something like this:

Apple+Almond Snack

ingredients: Apple and Almonds

instructions: Eat Apple and Almonds


Veggie Plate

Ingredients: Whatever greens and veggies you have in your fridge

Instructions: Eat greens and veggies.

Not really revolutionary, huh?

I don’t want to have a misleading title, nor do I like some of the search terms that bring people to a site called rawhousewife.  I suspect they are sorely disappointed to find kale chips instead of, well, what they hope to see.  The melons on this site are more of the ‘melons that grow from the ground’ variety.  Silicon free.

So, why The Lively Kitchen?

My kitchen is full of many things: fruits, crushed pretzels on the floor, tea, nuts and seeds, sippy cups, spices, vegetables, dishes, chocolate, little feet running in and out (and leaving a crumb trail a la Hansel and Gretel) and legos.  In short, it’s full of life.  It’s lively.  Our life is lively.  I love it and I love the foods that give me the energy to live each day fully.  That is what Housewife in the Raw was about and it is what The Lively Kitchen will carry forward.

This site will have vegetarian recipes, both raw and cooked.  It will have links to recipes, blog posts and articles that I think are worth sharing.  It will have pictures of and stories from my kids, as they definitely bring the Lively to the Lively Kitchen.

Please, please, please change your bookmarks and feed readers and keep reading.  I don’t want to lose any readers!!  And to those of you that link to me, please, please update the links.  I very much appreciate each reader, each comment, each link.