A New Use For Green Onions

I’ve had a pretty uneventful week.

Uneventful if you don’t count me having to say “Stop brushing your brother’s hair with the {green} onions and put them back into the cart” to my daughter yesterday.  Never would I think that combination of words would have come out of my mouth.

Uneventful if you don’t count my kombucha literally dousing my entire dash board today in the store parking lot as I opened it.  I cleaned it up with {clean} thomas the train underwear from my purse.  Never did I think I would combine kombucha and thomas the train underwear in the same sentence.

Uneventful if you don’t count going to the doctor because the kale is still out to get me.  The smaller of the bad cuts is now nice and swollen and in danger of turning into an absess.  Lov-e-ly.  So, I’m now on Cipro (antiboitic) for a few days while I hope and pray that there is no further reason to suffer and pay for my kale-related injuries.

probiotics + antibiotics

Can someone tell me if it makes sense to take them during the same day?  Or does the antibiotic just defeat the purpose?  Maybe I should wait until I’m off the antibiotics.  Anyone?

Also, isn’t Cipro the drug that was prescribed during the Ant*hr*ax scare a few years ago?  So I guess I can open my mail with no fear for the next few days.  What a relief.

So I’m actually sitting down to the computer for more than a couple of minutes for the first time in a few days.  Eating salad out of the container.  Classy I am.  Go easy on me, I’m injured.

My kids are eating a late lunch while watching Wow Wow Wubzy.  Yes, I occasionally let them eat lunch in front of the TV.  Go easy on me, I cleaned up kombucha with underwear today.

How many other food blogs have pictures with their kid’s feet next to their plates?  I have no idea what she was doing.  This is the girl who brushes her brother’s hair with green onions.  Also, please note that there are exactly the same number of blueberries, strawberries, pineapples, celery and cucumbers on both plates. Also note that today was they day they didn’t even count to compare, rendering my parceling out in the kitchen useless. I’d like those 4 minutes back.

Tonight’s dinner will be a new recipe from Eat Drink and Be Vegan, the third recipe from that book in a week.

What is the most random thing you’ve said this week?

Also – check out this giveaway for a Healthy Habits kid’s plate at Happy Healthy Mama.

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