Merry Christmas From Myself To Myself

So, um, I bought myself something. Two somethings. During December. Before I had bought anything for my own parents. Good thing I know Santa and can explain….

A friend had recommended Clean Food and, after checking it out of the library and realizing I didn’t want to hand-copy every single recipe down, I decided to buy my own copy.  As a side note, I love ‘screening’ books from the library first.  It is a great money saver, as some cook books only have a couple of recipes that I will actually make and I can learn that before spending the money on the book.  Others, like this one, I realize are worth the money.

Any fantastic cookbooks that are new to you ?

Anyone else buy themselves things while they are supposed to be shopping for others? Like the sweater I bought myself at Costco yesterday in addition to my dad’s gift?  Or the ‘one for her, one for me’ dark chocolate bars for my mother in law?